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September 4, 2007

The Belgian weekly magazine with the funny name “Knack” ran a four page article on us. And of course we are very proud and happy about that. Yet, as it’s written in Dutch, we couldn’t comment on it. Until, flipping through the magazine, we discovered the flattest laptop.

Knack advertisement

What is this?

It’s an ad. An ad in a magazine, promoting its new website. It says (as far as we understand) that as of the following Wednesday, Knack will be fully published online, adapting interactive multimedia to its full extent.

The alert window says: “Opgepast! Naar jaarlijkse gewoonte verschijnt Knack volgende week niet. Behalve dit jaar, want uw vertrouwd magazine verschijnt voor het eerst volledig digitaal! Het word een interactieve en multimediale versie van Knack, die u vanaf volgende woensdag kan bekijken vie www.knack.be”

Babelfish translates: “To annual habit Knack do not appear next week. Except this year, because your familiar magazine appears for the first time complete digitally! It becomes an interactive and multimediale version of Knack, which you can examine vith www.knack.be as from next Wednesday.”

Knack advertisement

As you can see, the designer created his own little Knack OS. The Knack OS seems to be a XP-(missing the hard drive icon)-OSX-Leopard-(basic order, square screen corners)-hybrid. ; )



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