January 29, 2008

iA Revamped

This redesign was in the making for a long time. It’s still a bit buggy, but we went for it now as the Web Trend Map forced us to change servers.


  1. Magazine-format: We believe that more and more blogs will move to a magazine format. Meaning: Keep the good stuff on top, ordered into issues while adding notes in the background. We have just started ordering our original contents into different magazines. We still need to go trough all the posts, categorize them and reformat them to fit the new design. Lots of nastiness there, still.
  2. More Blogging: We have been collecting the links in our weather report. The weather report was basically what others call “blog”, that is: Commenting on original contents on other sites. There will be a slight change in the layout to make this clear (tomorrow).
  3. 100E2R: While we are still convinced that long texts need to be displayed at 100%, we have specified a long time ago that this doesn’t mean that all Text needs to have the same size. Typography is also about hierarchy and different text sizes are a must to keep things orderly. @Stefan: Small caps are annoying if you disable antialiasing for text under 14px… Because then you get a mix of antialiased and nonantialiased text. I know.


iA is a strategic design agency with offices in Tokyo and Zurich. For questions regarding our apps, please visit iAWriter.com. If you are interested in our services, please use our contact form. If you are interested in joining iA, check out the job openings.

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