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May 14, 2007

After three months of hard work, changing office, shipping around the cliffs of a provider that tells us 10 hours before the launch that we won’t have a working server, restricted server access, database space oddities—we made it!

The new website of DAS MAGAZIN is online. As a wiki. Article pictures and ads are still missing, and we cannot let any users in yet, as it’s not on its permanent server. But everything else works. It’s a cautious start, and soon this website is going to rock the Swiss newsdimension. Here are some pics from the launch night. You can see the morning creeping in.

launching the magazine

In the back: Chris, in front: Me. Darth Vader to the left, protecting the source of our energy (yes, these are two kickass Matrix 801 connected to an old fat Accuphase).

launching the magazine

DAS MAGAZIN (Engl. “The Magazine”) is a prestigious Swiss publication, comparable to the magazine of the New York Times. It has a weekly distribution of 770,000.

Beer launching the magazine

Of course it’s all 100e2r and 95% typography. We’ll be writing more about it as soon as it has pictures on the article pages. It has an ad concept that is really worth talking about. Cheers!



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