Lovin’ IT? McDonald’s Marketing Clowneries

November 21, 2006

Seriously. This is not a joke:

“New Brunswick’s education minister has banned fast-food mascot Ronald McDonald from all public school classrooms. The corporate mascot for the fast food giant McDonald’s will no longer be allowed to visit public schools to talk to students about healthy living.”

Ronald McDonald’s visit public schools to talk to students about healthy living? What kind of a classic idiot thought that sending the creepy clown to schools teaching the contrary of what he stands for was going to help McDonald’s in any way?

“This creepy Ronald- McDonald- baby ad comes from India and reads “Just opened, near Kimaya Kothrud. I’m lovin’ it.” As Consumerist points out, this looks a little like something out of Stephen King’s IT” (Via Boing-Boing)

indian mc donalds baby

We all know that Ronald is evil and McDonald’s just makes you fat. Whom are you trying to fool? Fast food is to a major extent responsible for child obesity. Trying to use the healthyness argument in favor of McDonalds is nothing but cynical.

Supersized Orwellian fantasies

What did that marketing guy think he needed to “push” when sending the evil clown to primary schools talking about healthy living?

What was the argumentation in his smart PowerPoint presentation? “If we program kids early on so they associate McDonald’s with healthy living, we can make them dependend forever.” “Let’s use ‘healthy’ as a key value in our brand matrix“? These are supersized Orwellian fantasies, not contemporary marketing.

Marketing is not evil as such. John Lennon was a marketer…

Who is that marketing guy? Who is responsible for such a bad job? Does he have kids? Will he or she feel iA is evil or unprofessional? If I were the McDonald’s CEO I would get him or her and everyone that approved this grotesque campaign fired right away, not just because he or she is evil, but because they are doing a really bad job as marketers. They’re not only anti-promoting their company, they’re giving marketing in general a bad name. Marketing is not evil as such. After all, John Lennon was a marketer too

Marketing only works if…

Face it. Times have changed. Marketing only works if you’re real. If you’re real and promote what you have and what you have is good, your marketing works. Marketing is no longer a megaphone job.

The linear information streaming society is dead and rotting. You cannot make us believe things anymore. We can google, wikipedia, digg or undigg whatever you say in less than 2 seconds. We do still fall for humor but not for propaganda anymore.

How to market McDonald’s

Far more appealing. No false promises. Just lifestyle. McDonald’s ad in Japan
Agency: Beacon Japan.


Marketing McDonald’s does work on a lifestyle level. Yes, it’s bad for your health (so is booze), yes it makes you fat (so does chocolate), yes it’s a multinational giant (so is Apple), but I go to Mac Donald’s sometimes because it’s fast and easy and it tastes sweet and sour like a desert but claims to be meat and bread and cheese and salad. Enough said. McDonald’s actually doesn’t need more growth. How about keeping it right there and improving healthiness from within?

I’m lovin’ IT? I’m not the one teaching others about correct spelling, but I hope you don’t mind me pointing out that you should keep those letters lowercase.

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Oliver Reichenstein



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