An overview of Oliver Reichenstein’s past and future speaking events, in a slightly confusing yet almost inevitable split reverse chronology.

Responsive Conference Brighton, June 27th

Smashing Conference New York, June 16th-18th

Generalversammlung International Advertising Association , June 11th

UX London May 28th-30th

UX Lausane, May 22nd-23rd

TDC New York, Judges Night, Parsons New School, January 16th.

Speaking Events 2013

Design of Knowledge, FH Mainz, November 29th

“Unternehmensführung in einer Zeit ohne Oben und Unten” Uni St. Gallen, October 25th

Fronteers 2013 Amsterdam, October 10th/11th

Kompetent kommunizieren im Internet Lucerne, September 23rd

“Freier Blick aufs Datenmeer – Gedanken zur Infrastruktur des 21. Jahrhunderts” Zurich, September 18th

Generate Conference London, September 13th

Global Editor’s Network News Summit, “Responsive Design for Responsive News”, Paris, June 21st

“TDC New York”, June 7th

Tag der Schrift, ZHdK, Zurich, May 25th

Shift, Split, May 22nd/23rd

UX Lisbon, Lisbon, May 15th – 17th

Point Conference, London, May 2nd/3rd

UX Munich, “The Art of Reduction”, Munich, March 14th

Mobile Tech Conference, “The Good, the Bad, the Nice and the Ugly”, Munich, March 11th

TPC Media Future Day, “The limits between too much and not enough reduction”, Zurich, February 26th

lift Conference, “Craftsmanship and Mastery in the Digital Age”, Geneva, February 8th

mBank, “The Future of e-Banking User Interfaces”, Warsaw, January 28th

Speaking Events 2012

ZHdK, “Running a Design Business”, Zurich, November 26th

TEDxAthens, Dealing with Negativity, Athens, November 24th

Swiss ICT Awards, Winners 2012 (More here), Lucerne, November 7th

Webdagene, Digital vs Analog, Oslo, September 26th

Smashing Conference, “Is Time Standing Stil?”, Freiburg, September 17th

Typo Day Frankfurt, “Responsive Type”, June 22nd

Typo Berlin, Design als Therapie”, May 18th

Typo San Francisco, “Continuity through Design”, April 5th

Speaking Events 2011

webfontday, “Smart Design with Webfonts: Von der ZEIT bis zum iA Writer”, Munich, November 19th

MobX, “Form and Information—The Bridges Between Philosophy and Design” Berlin, November 18th

“Engaging the Reader”, Workshop, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milano, November 14th

World Usability Day, “Keynote: Jetzt mal ehrlich: Wem bringen Soziale Netzwerke wirklich was?”, Berlin, November 10th

PAD Connects, “Rhetoric of Interaction Design”, Palazzo delle Stelline, Milan, October 13th

O’Reilly’s Tools of Change Frankfurt, October 11th

Keio University Co-lecture with Catharina Maracke on: “Law and society, technology and power”, May 10th-July26th

Next “Smartest common denominator: Touchscreens & the Future of Screen Design”, Berlin, May 17th

Typo Berlin 2011 “Wir sind das Medium. Gestalten und Gestaltung der neuen Informationsmacht”, May 19th

Scuola Politechnica di Design Speech: “Design: Putting thought into things”, Milano, May 23rd

Google Zurich “The making of Writer”, May 26th

Speaking Events 2010

Keio University “Creativity, information and innovation”, October 20th

Internazionale a Ferrara “Frontiere digitali. I giornali tra carta, web, tablet e smartphone”, October 2nd

Scoopcamp Hamburg “Duplo statt Lego: iPad-Design in Theorie und Praxis”, September 29th

Euro iA Paris Opening Keynote, September 24th

Web Directions East Express, Tokyo “Designing for iPad: The Basics”, June 9th

Typo Berlin “Freeze-Dried Web Design: What is the Value of a HTML Template?”, May 21st

Typo Berlin “Legibility – Writeability? A Practical Contribution to the Improvement of Script Typography in Word Processors.”, May 20th

Media 2010 Sydney “Designing News: Theory and Practice”, February 19th

Media 2010 Sydney Masterclass: “News and the Spectrum of User Experience“, February 17th


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