Die Zeit: Zeit Online, Freshly Squeezed

Concept, IA, Design

iA has redesigned ZEIT ONLINE, the Internet edition of the weekly newspaper DIE ZEIT. DIE ZEIT (German translation literally “The Times”) is a German nationwide weekly newspaper that is highly respected for its quality journalism.

With a circulation of 488,036 and an estimated readership of slightly above 2 million, it is the most widely read German weekly newspaper. The publishing house, Zeitverlag, is owned by the Holtzbrinck Publishing Group. We have been working on the project since August 2008.

With over 10 million visits and 60million page views per month, ZEIT ONLINE is one of the biggest media portals in Germany. Mario García, the grandmaster of newspaper design and the man behind the printed edition wrote a critique of our redesign that made us blush.


Here is what Mario García wrote about our design:

Germany’s elite weekly newspaper, Die Zeit, has revamped its website and it is a wonderful example of what simplicity, elegance and good navigation can do.
The content is analytical, in depth and invites reading.
One sees the presence of white space here, just as one does in the print version.
The type dances on the screen. Not too big, not too small.
Minimalist, efficient and aesthetically pleasing. A good recipe for any website. A great recipe for any design project. In its subtlety, the www.zeit.de concept becomes a design lesson for all of us.

After Das Magazin, Tagesanzeiger, Berner Zeitung, Basler Zeitung, Der Bund and Facts, Zeit Online is iA’s Internet newspaper redesign number seven.

We are currently working on two other online newspaper projects. One project is Krone.at, the other is Internazionale. You can follow our redesign of Internazionale on our website, as we progress. Next week, we will post a study case that details how the project has evolved. Also, we are showing the user centered design studies we did in the run-up for the Tagesanzeiger paper redesign (the project was won by Tom Menzi, iA consulted on user experience).

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