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We make your clients happy. Work with iA to discover new business potential, plan your digital strategy and build efficient products and services. If you are too shy to call, you can contact us via email.

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What We do

Digital Strategy: The key to any successful online initiative lies in the understanding of the overall strategy. Strategy usually comes top down. Web design and implementation is usually done bottom up. In considering digital strategy, the knowledge of what needs to be done and why is not always as clear as that something needs to be done. And this is why most Web projects fail. Digital is often sold as a magic growth market with infinite potential. And in many ways it can be if it is properly understood. We help you understand your position and potential on the online landscape. In order to understand what we can do for your digital strategy, we invite you to book a digital strategy workshop.

Research: No, that’s not us Googling your competition. It’s us looking at your stats, doing interviews with internal stakeholders and your customers. Research is the first step in trying to find what you don’t know about yourself and what your customers don’t know about you. Research is most intense in the first phase, but getting objective feedback from your customers is just as critical at every phase of the project.

Information Architecture: Information Architecture is the art of structuring information. IA is commonly used as a term for basic structure as in site structure. We believe information architecture starts with domain architecture, comprehends site structure, page structure, container definition and typography. Information Architecture shares many similarities with traditional architecture; the differences to building houses are due to the different nature of the building substance. Traditional architecture works with static problems, the main challenge in information architecture is the liquid nature of its substance. To get a first impression on how we can help you with your information architecture we suggest you order an analysis of your current site.

Prototyping: We believe that in order to develop an interactive information system that works, we need to build it as an interactive object from the beginning. Typically we start very early with a clickable prototype and evolve it slowly into the final product, continuously testing it with your customers.

Front End Development: We deliver our designs in the form of a clickable prototype and a full-featured, modular container and UI library, fully responsive, that allows you to build any future pages without help from us.

Motion Graphics: Structured motion graphics can capture our attention in ways text and pictures can not reach as easily. How can you explain a complex app faster than through a video? When it is time to inform your internal teams about a complex redesign of your website, a video is exponentially more effective than a 100 page PDF. We have achieved incredible results informing our clients and their stakeholders with short, focussed videos. Structuring animated information with the same focus on essence produces efficient and powerful communication.

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