Why You Should Not Buy Our New Wordpress Theme


It comes almost without features. The number of design flourishes? Exactly zero. Font sizes? One. Line heights? One. Support? Nonexistent. You want to make the logo bigger? Sorry, we got bad news for you.

“You’ve removed the site’s essence.”
—a beta tester

Touted as a cheap way to access iA design, it even looks a bit like our current website. But you really should think thrice before buying iA4.

“You’re breaking all your own principles with this one.”
—the same beta tester

It took us more than five years to come up with something that “looks like Microsoft Word circa 1997” (the beta tester). This time, we clearly have lost our mojo. But see for yourself:

The average popular item over at Themeforest is $59. We decided to hand out iA4 for $49. This is not an introductory rebate, and we will not pay damages for pain and suffering. Use the remaining $10 on some cheap whisky to wash down buyer’s remorse—it will be strong.

—still the same beta tester

“This is what I mean by being confused by iA at present.”
—that’s how angry we made the guy, and he got it for free

It’s pretty worrying that you read this far. So before doing anything stupid, please have a look at our test setup.