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Remote controllers

We haven’t created Presenter with a specific setup or tools in mind, but we knew that many of you will use it with remote controllers. You can use any kind of devices compatible with your hardware to switch slides. We plan to release a companion app in the future to help those who don’t have that kind of device, or prefer using their phone as a controller.

Adapting your remote controller

Remote controller device generally uses for the next slide. While this default setting is fine for the majority, some would like to modify it, for example by switching speaker notes instead of slides. You will be able to adjust this in our application in progress, but with a regular remote controller you will have to twist your device a bit either by:

The remote makes it scroll down the outline window instead of the next line.

This should be fixed by changing the settings in: SettingsPresentationNavigation: Swap arrow keys In case this has no effect, it is always a good idea to check the documentation of the remote control itself, which might indicates different setups for different softwares.



Export as Markdown, PDF, or HTML

Presentation Mode

Here, you can visualize your presentations with your slides and your notes.

Remote controllers

Many of you do presentations with a remote controller. We have created iA Presenter with this in mind.

Custom Themes

You can change the style of a presentation at different levels.

Presenting Online

Project the slides to your audience while you check the teleprompter.