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Files, Import and Export

By default, iA Presenter uses a bundle file format.
Bundles are a great way to package collections of files on Apple systems and they appear as regular folders elsewhere. This seemed a reliable choice for this first version of iA Presenter on macOS.

Importing Markdown

If you already have a structured Markdown document with images, all you need to do to create a finished speech is import the Markdown.
You will have import options to help you prepare your document for presenting.
Your speech is almost done.

Exporting Presentations

iA Presenter provides a wide range of exporting options.

Markdown Export

You can export to a regular Markdown file. All local images used in the document will be exported in the same folder.

PDF Export

iA Presenter has a high-quality PDF export with a variety of formats.
You can choose if you only want the slides, the notes, or both. You can also choose the orientation and paper format.

HTML export

If you want to make your presentation available on your website, then the HTML export is the way to go.
It will generate a full package containing, your presentations, your graphics, and the javascript rendering engine. You will just need to upload it to your favorite hosting solution.