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iA Presenter comes with a set of built-in themes ready to use with a responsive design.

Each theme has been named after a famous city: Tokyo, Paris, New York, Copenhagen…
Easy to remember, fun and playing with the image people have of certain locations: the color palette, the typography, the atmosphere… cities have strong design characteristics that you will hopefully find right away in our themes.

All the themes come in two versions: Light or Dark.

Opiniated: NY & Basel

New York

Your city’s a sucker, my city’s a freak 🎵


Alles was geil isch, isch verbote 🎵

Vibrants: San Francisco & LA

San Francisco

Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair 🎵

Los Angeles

Back up, back up ’cause it’s on 🎵

Pastels: Copenhagen & Vancouver


Mit blik søger kun mod lyset 🎵


Fallen leaves on the ground earthy and fresh 🎵

Colorful: Tokyo & Milano


トーキョーは夜の七時早くあなたに逢いたい 🎵


Dove c’era l’erba ora c’è una città 🎵

Classics: Zurich & Paris


Ich dänk wie-n-ich red und ich red wie-n-ich dänk 🎵


Il est cinq heures, Paris s’éveille 🎵

Referring to cities gives also room for more creation. What about creating a Harajuku Custom Theme with some design elements from Tokyo? Or a Montmartre theme based on the style of Paris?

Once you get a good feel of it, you can easily create your own template from scratch using our Template Builder.