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iA Presenter analyses the content of your slide to perform the layout. Add your text and images, and Presenter picks the right layout for you.

Layouts are responsive. They adapt to screen size. So, no more pinching on the phone, no more pixel-pushing because you’re presenting on a different monitor. In iA Presenter, the layout adapts to wide screens, different overhead projector ratios, Zoom windows, tablets, phones… no more static templates!

To decide on the layout, Presenter uses:

You can use the examples picker on the toolbar to paste an example in your presentation.

Available layouts


For the cover or your presentation, use an H1 (if you need to add details, an H3 is a good combo).


An H2 will create a centered title.


For smaller sections of your presentation, use an H3.


Two elements on a slide are displayed as split. It could be a title and an image (as below), two body texts, two images, etc…
Up to three elements will be displayed side by side.


When more than three elements are on a slide, they will be rendered as a grid, following the order you have chosen.


An image + an H4 defines a caption slide (title on the bottom).

Image Title

An H4 + an image defines a caption slide (with the title on the top).


To display body text, put a tab in front of your paragraph. This should be used exceptionally to not bore your audience.