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Presentation tools

Although we are always curious to know about the setup of our users, iA Presenter wasn’t built with specific tools or remote controllers in mind.

We will group in this section the common troubleshooting steps for issues with presentation tools as the situations arise with our beta testers.

The remote control makes it scroll down the outline window instead of the next line.

This should be fixed by changing the settings in:
PreferencesPresentationNavigation: Swap arrow keys

In case this has no effect, it is always a good idea to check the documentation of the remote control itself, which might indicates different setups for different softwares.

How do I project only the slides (Zoom)?

In the Presentation mode, a different Window will open for the slides, allowing third-party software to capture only that window and project it to your audience, while you read your notes.

Please see below what it would look like on Zoom:

In the second screenshot, the slides are hiding the teleprompter but you can, of course, rearrange the order of the windows.