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Presenter FAQ

Is it possible to set a video to loop or autoplay?

It’s not currently possible to do this but it’s on our roadmap (no ETA to provide).

How do I project only the slides (while viewing the script on my MacBook)?

In the Presentation mode, a different window will open for the slides, allowing third-party software (like Zoom) to capture only that window and project it to your audience, while you read your notes.

How do I make the logo of my company bigger?

We have updated our themes but if you need more, you have to make a custom theme to change the size of the logo and add the following CSS:

.header .logo,
.footer .logo {

The colors of the slides don’t match the color of the text in the Editor?

There is no link between the color in the Editor and the slide’s background. The only link is the selected slide border and slide number.
In the Editor, it is always from blue to yellow and it does not change depending on the current theme.

Are you working on a Powerpoint/ Google Slides export function?

PPTX export is on our roadmap, but we can’t commit to any deadlines so far.
Meanwhile, as a workaround, you can export your presentation as a PDF and use an online service (like to convert it from PDF to PPT.

How can I modify presentations on iPhone or iPad with iA Writer?

This will be possible in a future version of iA Writer.

Will there be an iPad/ Windows app?

So far Presenter is only available for macOS, of course, we would love to expand it to other platforms but it is too early to make such plans now.

Do you have plans to support macOS 10.15 (Catalina)?

So far the minimum requirement is Big Sur (running fine on Ventura).

I am a beta tester, am I allowed to make my presentations public?

Please feel free to use iA Presenter in real life with a small or large audience and post/ write about it.