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Presenter Shortcuts

Presenter includes a number of keyboard shortcuts. Shortcuts are always visible from the main menu, indicated on the right side of the action like below:

Note that you can change keyboard shortcuts and add your own for listed menu items that don’t have them yet.
To do so, go to System SettingsKeyboardKeyboard ShortcutsApp Shortcuts

Careful: in Menu Title box enter the menu item exactly as it appears in iA Presenter’s menu.


Working with files in Presenter, on top of the regular macOS shortcuts (Copy/Paste, Select All… you can find a list here: Support Apple).

Shortcut Action
N New presentation
O Open existing presentation
W Close presentation
S Save presentation
S Save presentation as new file
S Duplicate


All those shortcuts are visible from the Inspector – Text panel.


Shortcut Action
L Ordered List
L Unordered List
L Task List
> Blockquote

Text on Slide

Shortcut Action
- Slide Break
T Add Empty Slide
Body Text
1 Title
2 Subtitle
3 Heading
4 Subheading
5 Header 5
6 Header 6


Shortcut Action
B Bold text
I Italic
/ Comment
U Strikethrough
U Highlight
K Footnote
K Link

Math / Code

Shortcut Action
` Inline Code
M Inline Math


Configure Editor and visibility of panes

Shortcut Action
\ Show All Tabs
D Focus Mode
+ Zoom In
0 Default text size
- Zoom Out
S Show/Hide Thumbnails
I Show/Hide Inspector
P Show/Hide Presentation
R Presentation Preview


Slide navigation within the Editor.

Shortcut Action
Go To Previous Slide
Go To Next Slide
Go To First Slide
Go To Last Slide