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We are working hard to make Presenter Beta stable and reliable, but sometimes problems occur.

First of all, if you are not able to install Presenter on your machine, please be aware of the minimum requirements:


Many issues can be resolved by closing an affected app and/or restarting the device.
Please try this as a first step for troubleshooting any issue.

Clean install of the app

Reinstalling iA Presenter may resolve issues with the app. Prior to uninstalling the app, please:

  1. Backup any files/custom templates you have created as they will be deleted in the process
  2. Use the AppCleaner* software to remove all files related to Presenter. This can make a big difference with simply deleting the app
  3. Download Presenter again from the link you have been provided
  4. If you joined the beta testers group weeks ago, a new version of Presenter might be out: Email Support to get the latest build

*The iA Team has been using AppCleaner internally for years, we are big fans!

Send a great bug report

A clean install hasn’t fixed the issue? Please send us a bug report.
The more details it contains, the faster it will be processed. 😉
Please try to include:

*if you have missed the chance to copy/paste or send the crash report when it popped up, you might be able to retrieve it from Finder → Applications → Utilities → Console → Crash Reports.