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Year: 2020

Style Check on Windows, Big Sur Support, and Next Steps for Android

– iA Writer for Windows 1.4 is now available and it brings Style Check in a free update. We launched Style Check on Mac and iOS this past summer and we have never received so much praise for a new feature. You sent us request after request to bring it to other platforms. We doubled our efforts to bring it to other platforms as soon as possible. It's ready for Windows as of today. We are working on bringing it to Android next. >

Apple cuts 30% commission to 15% for small developers

– Apple will lower its commission to 15% if you make under one million US dollars per year. For small developers, this is fantastic news and overall it’s a good step in the right direction. In the bigger picture, more steps need to follow. >

Why is Facebook not Paying the Apple Tax?

– Why should Facebook—the biggest beneficiary of the iPhone, its tools, and its infrastructure—pay nothing, when small developers have to pay tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars? >

How to Think Different

– This week we published two long posts on Monopolies, the Apple Tax, and Subscriptions. Both articles come to the conclusion that lowering the 30% fee Apple charges developers would benefit everyone. The tax is at the core of their Antitrust case, at the core of the developer's business model. And in the end, it is in our common customer's interest to lower it, because profitable development produces better software. >

Subscription or no subscription? That is not the question.

– Companies selling apps via subscriptions use drama to sell: "Either subscription or we die.” As customers, we don't like to add more recurring payments to our monthly credit card bill. Begrudgingly we all accept subscriptions as a new reality. There is a limit to how many we can add to our credit card bill before we ask: Is this necessary? Is there only one business model for software, and, well, for anything now? >

On Monopolies, Apple, and Epic

– Google has built a complete monopoly on search. Amazon uses the sales data of its resellers to continuously expand and solidify market dominance. Facebook copies the competitors that they can’t bully into being bought to keep their dominant market position. Apple is partying in antitrust land forcing its competitors to hand out 30% of its revenue. The game is rigged. And no one is enforcing the rules. Except for Epic, the maker of one of the most successful games of all time. >

The Power of Style Check

– Style Check is like having a personal editor-in-chief on your device, carefully reviewing your text for redundancies, clichés and filler words as you type. It's simple, different, powerful, and available for Mac, iOS, Windows and Android. >

Syntax Control, Individual Scroll, Snippets

– iA Writer for Windows 1.3 is the biggest update the platform has ever seen. It's available to download right now and comes as a free update for existing users. >

A New Site

– Welcome to the new design of iA.net. We redesigned everything. From the layout, to the font, to the logo. We are preparing for the 15-year anniversary of iA in November and the 10-year anniversary of iA Writer in September. There are some rough edges still. Please tell us if you find anything that needs polishing. >

New PDF Preview, Better Web Publishing, Improved Editing

– iA Writer 5.5 for Mac and iOS has arrived. The update adds a powerful mix of functionality and delicate subtlety that will improve your writing workflow. >

MacStories App Of The Year and Custom Backup

– 2019 was a good year for iA Writer. Sales were good, reviews were good and in the end we got rewarded for our work with the App of the year prize from MacStories. >