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Information Architects

iA in Motion

Information Architects is opening an office in Berlin. This is not just another city for us. We are adapting our method to a new format, crossing a delicate threshold. We will bring our way of thinking to motion design.

The head of Information Architects Berlin is Pedro Cascao, who first joined iA back in 2010. Beginning with videos for our Web Trend Map and iA Writer, then continuing as an independent contractor, he has created an impressive body of work and garnered Millions of views.

If you work in the industry, you have no doubt seen some of his videos for companies such as Sparrow, Sunrise, Circa, Disqus and many more. Here is a taste:

Structured motion graphics can capture our attention in ways text and pictures can not reach as easily. How can you explain a complex app faster than through a video? When it is time to inform your internal teams about a complex redesign of your website, a video is exponentially more effective than a 100 page PDF. In the last six months we have achieved incredible results informing our clients and their stakeholders with short, focussed videos. Structuring animated information with the same focus on essence produces efficient and powerful communication.

Our plans for the motion design business are ambitious. We will bring our way of thinking and designing to animating infographics, shaping UI transitions and creating informative online advertisement.

Berlin’s unique pool of talent will help us expanding the office and build a great team there over time. If you are interested in our services or you’d like to join the Berlin office, write to Pedro directly under pc@ia.net.