iA Writer

No buttons—type to structure

Using simple Markdown punctuation to format your text, iA Writer lets you keep your hands on the keyboard so you can just write.

No copy paste–all documents in sync

iA Writer supports a multitude of storage services and platforms for syncing your documents between devices in real-time.

No pop-ups—swipe to your document list

In iA Writer, swipe from the left to show the document Library. Search, sort, and quickly swap between documents while focusing on the same window.

No chatter—hunt down weak words

By highlighting parts of speech, Syntax Control gives you insight in the structure and style of your text. Find weak verbs, thin adjectives and repetitive nouns.

No copy paste—export in different file formats

iA Writer for Mac lets you export a document to HTML, Microsoft Word (.docx), and PDF formats. They can also be shared as drafts to directly to your Medium and WordPress accounts.

No fiddling with fonts—full focus on content

Fully concentrate on writing. When you’re done, you export your writing, formatted, with the press of a button. You can now create custom templates for preview, printing and PDF export. Download Templates

No stress—write one sentence at a time

Focus Mode dims everything but the current sentence, helping you stay in the flow, get words out, and avoid the temptation to edit.

No squinting at 2am—use Night Mode

Night mode is perfect for writing at night. A dark background doesn’t stress your eyes with too much light.

No long text documents—embed files

With iA Writer it is now possible to embed pictures, tables and text. Nesting and embedding text doesn’t stop at a single level. A book can be built from chapters. A chapter can also be built from several sections. Sections can be built around text snippets consisting of single quotes. The same quotes can be reused throughout the same text body. Repeat this process of text inception as long as your sanity holds.

iA Writer Videos

Tips and Tricks: how to use iA Writer for Mac, iPhone, and Android. Follow the link below to view step by step tutorials on how to use iA Writer. Discover all the features mentioned above and more.

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