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Snippets in iA Writer for Windows allow you to save a significant amount of time by providing smart text substitutions.

Using Snippets

Snippets Variables

In order to be even more powerful, snippets can contain variables. There are three predefined variable types:


iA Writer provides 2 different date variables: The full list of possible date formats can be found here.


Replaces the $CLIPBOARD$ variable with the clipboard content if the clipboard contains text.

Caret Position

Sets the caret position at $CARET$ after applying the substitution.

Placeholder Sections

If you include a variable with internal text other than DATE, CLIPBOARD or CARETa placeholder section will be added to your snippet. These sections will be written out in the Editor with the internal text as the placeholder. Placeholder sections can then be overwritten at the time of writing. Jump between placeholders with the keyboard using the Tab key. If you’ve ever added a table in iA Writer for Windows, you’ll recognize these placeholders and how easy they make adding text.



From word count to estimated reading time, document stats help you stay on top of things.

Focus Mode

Shut down distractions. Focus on the sentence or paragraph you’re currently working on.

Title Bar

From Library navigation to enabling core features, the Titlebar is your go-to.

Keyboard Bar

Formatting options at your fingertips make writing on mobile a breeze.


A simple key-value format for storing additional information about a document, only visible in the Editor.


Knowing keyboard shortcuts will greatly improve your performance with our app.

Syntax Highlight

A more structured view of your document will help you improve your writing style.

Style Check

A personal editor-in-chief on your device, carefully reviewing your text for redundancies, clichés, and filler words.

Spell Checking

How to install additional spellchecking (Windows)


Snippets allow you to save a significant amount of time by providing smart text substitutions. (Windows only)