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About Writer

iA Writer is a writing app designed with one goal in mind: Making you enjoy the process of writing. It gets everything out of the way so you can focus on getting your words on the screen. It offers a lot more than the original version one we released in 2010. But with every iteration, we make sure that the compelling writing experience of the original writer stays intact. In essence, 10 years later, iA Writer can still be used and enjoyed as the original version.


The original iA Writer for iPad was created in 2010. Since then, we produced a second version along with apps for Mac, Android, and Windows. The current Mac and iOS versions of iA Writer represent the third generation of the iA Writer family and they’ve already undergone three major version updates.

If you purchased iA Writer Classic—which was retired from the App Stores in 2016—you can still download it to your devices via the “Purchased” section of either App Store. However, we will not be updating it further and at some point, it will no longer be compatible with Apple’s OSs. If you would like to upgrade to the current iA Writer it will be a separate purchase.

What Makes iA Writer special

The original iA Writer (on iPad) was the first with Focus Mode, Reading Time, a title bar that disappears when you write, auto-markdown and purposely it had very few features. Its light grey background + monospace + electric blue cursor and focus functions have been imitated so often we’ve lost count. But the devil is in the details, and we think that no other app offers the typical iA Writer writing experience.

Our Passion

To us, the essence of a writing app boils down to how it feels when you type. Here is how crazy we are about that:

And while it is all about the writing experience, iA Writer comes with some great features:

Accessible plain text files

Opposed to the nerdy obsession about typography, we’re very pragmatic in other aspects. We don’t believe in one app for all your writing. One of the key advantages of markdown is that it can be easily shared between different apps and platforms.

What we believe


Our design principles come from talking to our users. We talk to our customers daily and we give our best to understand each and every feedback. Over the last 10 years, iA Writer has been downloaded over 3 Million times. We have just started our own Reddit community.