1.5.1 Text size

Writer has no options and no settings, all you can do with it is write. Having no settings is one of Writer’s core beliefs. For more on the decisions behind things like the font size, please read our article “Responsive Typography: The Basics”. Different font sizes are accessible through the following operations and general settings:

  1. iA Writer for Mac uses responsive design to change the font size. There’s no need for settings, just adjust the size of your window!
  2. iA Writer for iOS adjusts to the Font size Settings under SettingsGeneralAccessibility

1.5.2 Invert Colors

iA Writer Pro has Night Mode

On Mac, you can change to Night Mode via the View menu selecting Night Mode. This can also be done with the keyboard shortcut ⌘+⌃+N. In iOS, slide the grabber in the center of the keyboard bar to the left once and tap View > Night Mode.

iA Writer Classic doesn’t have Night Mode

iA Writer Classic does not have a “Night Mode” or support changing colors at present, although we hope to add this feature in the future. Try decreasing the screen’s brightness, or using built-in iOS or Mac OS X accessibility tools to invert the screen entirely:

On iOS

You can set triple-clicking the home button to activate this under “Triple-click Home”, also in the Accessibility settings.

On Mac OS X

This can be activated using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-Alt-⌘+8 on the Mac.


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