Text Size

Different font sizes are accessible through the following operations and general settings:

  1. iA Writer for Mac uses responsive design to change the font size: Just adjust the size of your window! You can also tweak font size larger or smaller with ⌘+ and ⌘-, respectively.
  2. iA Writer for iOS lets you adjust text size within the editor: Tap the aA button and then the A‘s at the top of the menu to adjust. The middle button will set your text size at your device’s default.

For more on the decisions behind things like the font size, please read our article “Responsive Typography: The Basics”.

Invert Colors

iA Writer has Night Mode

You can change to Night Mode via the View menu selecting Night Mode. This can also be done with the keyboard shortcut ⌘⌃N.

This can be accessed in iA Writer for iOS by tapping the aA button in the editor, or applied in Settings.