Content Blocks

Embed Images, Tables and Text Files

You can now include images, comma separated tables, text files and code as blocks of content in your documents.

iA Writer Content Blocks with TOC

These content blocks can be embedded, assembled and rearranged with ease in the editor. On macOS, simply drag these files into your editor or type their path using the syntax below. On iOS, Tap the Add Content Block button in the command keyboard to embed a file from your library in the current document. Then order, join and chain your content blocks at will.

Syntax Example:

/Section.txt "Section"
/Balance Sheet.csv 'Finances'
/images/Structure.jpg (Data Flow)
  • Content block references must begin at the start of an empty line
  • They must start with a slash, followed by file name with extension
  • You may specify a caption in quotes or parentheses (This will be ignored when used where it does not have an immediate purpose, such as with .txt files)
  • Only files in the Library may be referenced (Dragging a file onto the editor makes a copy; Add folders to the Library in Preferences)
  • Referenced files must be located either in the same folder as the file where they are referenced, or in a subfolder
  • Images may also be referenced using a web URL e.g., Dropbox images
  • Content blocks are not currently processed in the Dropbox Library on iOS (This should be possible in the future with an API change)

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