Dropbox allows you to access your documents via the web and on PCs etc., and doesn’t require iA Writer to be installed. This is great for sharing documents to friends and colleagues.

1.3.1. OS X

iA Writer previously used the Dropbox Sync API but this has been deprecated by Dropbox. As of version 3.1 you can link iA Writer directly to your local Dropbox folder.

  1. In the menu, select iA WriterPreferences
  2. Click the Library tab
  3. Below Locations click the + button to a folder to your Library
  4. In the dialog that opens choose your Dropbox folder and then click Add Library Location

If you do not have a Dropbox account, please visit Dropbox.com. You can create an account here and download the client application for Mac.

Moving Documents on Mac

A document can be moved by clicking and dragging it to another folder within the Document List.

1.3.2. iOS

To use Dropbox with iA Writer for iOS, first link your Dropbox account:

  1. In the Library, tap the Settings button
  2. Tap Add Dropbox account, then Allow.

Moving Documents on iOS

Documents can be moved in the same manner as iCloud. Swipe a file in the Document List to the left, tap Move, then choose the destination folder.

If there’s a conflict from editing the same Dropbox document on two different devices, Writer will ask you to choose one or more versions to keep.

Web-based Access

Dropbox documents can be accessed at dropbox.com, which also keeps past versions.