Writer supports the following storages for syncing your documents between devices:

  • iCloud Drive (iOS, OS X, Windows, web) iOS 8+ and OS X 10.10+
  • iCloud (iOS, OS X) pre-iOS 8
  • Dropbox (iOS, OS X, Windows, web)

If you have disabled iCloud, you can also save directly to your device (“local storage”). In summary:

  • We recommend iCloud Drive for the best sync experience, as long as all your devices are iOS 8+ and OS X 10.10+.
  • Dropbox is useful for wider access (including iA Writer for Android) and accessing previous versions. Read our Dropbox article for more…

1.2.1 Set Up iCloud

iCloud is on by default, but you can check with the following steps:

Confirm iCloud is active
Mac OS X 1. Add your Apple ID to System PreferencesiCloud
2. Check System PreferencesiCloudDocuments & Data
iOS 1. Add your Apple ID to SettingsiCloud
2. Check SettingsiCloudDocuments & Data is ON
3. Classic: Check SettingsiA WriterUse iCloud is ON

iCloud Drive

This is the latest version of iCloud, and is not compatible with iCloud (documents are not synced between them, and must be migrated). It requires iOS 8+ or Mac OS X 10.10+ (Yosemite). iCloud Drive documents can be accessed on Windows 7 or Windows 8 running iCloud for Windows 4.0, and viewed or downloaded from the iCloud Drive website. Make sure to upgrade all your devices to iCloud Drive at the same time.

1.2.2 Mobile/Offline use

Writer automatically downloads all Writer documents in iCloud, and saves them on your device. Any changes or new documents made while offline are saved on your device, and synced the next time you have a connection. If you edited the same iCloud document on two different devices, iCloud will determine which one is newer. If there’s a conflict, Writer will ask you to choose one or more versions to keep.

1.2.3 Web-Based Access

You can access iCloud Drive documents at icloud.com.

1.2.4 Moving Documents

How to move a document
OS X 10.10+ Click on the triangle beside the document’s name in the title bar, and choose WhereiCloud Drive
OS X 10.8+ Click on the triangle beside the document’s name in the title bar, and choose Move to iCloud
OS X 10.8+ Choose FileOpen…, select iCloud if necessary, then drag the file onto this dialog.
OS X 10.7.5 Choose FileiCloud…Move to iCloud
If Move to iCloud is grayed out, please save the document on your Mac first
iOS 1. Tap Documents (left of the Title bar)
2. Locate the document, then tap Edit
3. Tap the document you wish to move
4. Tap Move in the document’s Info panel

In Classic iA Writer, create a folder by dragging a file onto another one.

1.2.5 iCloud FAQ

I want to back up Writer files in iCloud

In Writer for Mac on Mac OS X 10.8+, choose FileOpen…, make sure iCloud files are visible, then select all and Option-drag to a different location (for example, create a folder in Documents and drag to there).

If I choose to use iCloud, can I view or create documents while offline?

Yes. All your Writer documents in iCloud are saved on your device for offline use. iCloud syncs any documents you create offline — and any changes you’ve made — with your other devices the next time you use Writer while connected to the internet.

I want to store private documents only on my device

Please choose Cancel when first asked if you want to use iCloud, or change SettingsiA WriterUse iCloud to OFF. Files saved to Documents will only be stored on your device. Note that while your Writer documents in iCloud will remain untouched, you will not be able to access them on your device, without turning the setting ON.

I want to store some documents only on my device, but also use iCloud for others

We’re very sorry, but for now this is not possible. You could consider setting “Use iCloud” to OFF to save documents only on your device, then using Dropbox for sync. However, documents in Dropbox are currently only available while online. You’ll need to manually move any documents you wish to access offline from Dropbox to Documents.

What are the terms of service and privacy policy for Apple’s iCloud?

iCloud requires iOS 5 or later on iPhone 3GS or later, iPod touch (3rd generation or later), iPad, or iPad mini; or a Mac computer with OS X Lion or later. For more information please see www.apple.com/icloud.


Step one — don’t panic! Your files are safe. To find them first check the Documents folder (tap the top left icon, then tap “iA Writer”). If there is not a little cloud icon to the right of “Documents”, please change SettingsiA WriterUse iCloud to ON to see your iCloud documents.

1.2.6 iCloud Troubleshooting

Apple has recently changed from iCloud to iCloud Drive on OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) and iOS 8. These two storages can not be used at the same time, and documents can not be synced between them. Make sure to upgrade all your devices to iCloud Drive at the same time.

Due to the nature of online storage systems, from time to time syncing issues can occur. Problems include single documents not syncing, being unable to open iCloud documents, devices becoming out of sync, etc. We suggest trying the following:

1. Is iCloud is working on Apple’s side?

Check Apple’s System Status page, for the status of either iCloud Backup or iCloud Drive.

2. Update

iCloud works nicely, but there are annoying cases where it just fails. Apple is continuously improving iCloud with every version of their Operating Systems. We suggest in general that you update the operating system and iA Writer on all your devices.

3. Set the time automatically on all your devices

  • Mac: System PreferencesDate & TimeSet date and time automatically
  • iOS: SettingsGeneralDate & TimeSet Automatically

4. For iA Writer for iPhone/iPad, check that the Use iCloud setting is ON

Check in SettingsiA Writer (the Documents storage will have a small cloud icon when you use iCloud). If the setting is ON:

  1. Turn the Use iCloud setting to OFF
  2. Launch Writer and tap Stop iCloud
  3. Return to Settings → iA Writer and turn the Use iCloud setting to ON again.
  4. Return to Writer and tap Use iCloud

5. Check that you can see your iA Writer or iA Writer Pro iCloud documents listed in the iCloud settings ¹:

  • Mac: System PreferencesiCloudManageiA Writer/iA Writer Pro
  • iOS: SettingsiCloudStorage & BackupManage StorageiA Writer/iA Writer Pro

6. Turning “Documents & Data” in iCloud settings off

For iOS devices try turning Documents & Data in iCloud settings off, restarting, then turning it on. For Macs unchecking Documents & Data in the iCloud preferences, restarting, then rechecking it. Restart an iOS device by holding down the power button for several seconds.

7. Try the common fixes

Follow the steps under Common Fixes for iOS, and Common Fixes for Macs

8. If the above steps fail to resolve syncing problems

Log into https://www.icloud.com and Reset Your Documents, following the instructions carefully. This will reset and merge all documents and data on iCloud with what is currently on your devices, and requires your devices to be restarted afterwards.

9. Do not try this step if you are using iOS 8.0 (8.1+ is fine)

Reports suggest it could cause data loss. If you’ve tried all of the above suggestions but are still having problems, please back up your iOS device(s) using iTunes (using “Encrypt local backup”) or to iCloud, and your Mac devices to Time Capsule or an external hard disk, then prompt iCloud to refresh its Documents and Data metadata. To do this:

Reset all settings ² on your problematic iOS device(s) — note that this only resets system settings, not the device :

  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap General
  3. Tap Reset
  4. Tap Reset All Settings
  5. Confirm all warnings about loosing settings
  6. Let the device restart

Reset the Ubiquity folder on your problematic Mac(s):**

  1. Quit open applications
  2. Go to Finder
  3. Choose Go to Folder… from the Go menu
  4. Enter ~/Library/Application Support
  5. Look for a folder named Ubiquity
  6. Move this folder to the Trash
  7. Restart your Mac

10. Please confirm you have full internet access

Corporate firewalls and privacy programs such as TCPBlock can block traffic to iCloud’s servers. If you’ve turned “Use Cellular Data” off in Apple’s SettingsiCloudDocuments and Data or in SettingsiA Writer/iA Writer Pro, please turn it on.

11. Finally, some users reported that backing up your iPad, restoring it, then reapplying the backup might finally get iCloud running.

If backing up using iTunes, make sure to use “Encrypt local backup” to save your passwords.

Note: All iCloud syncing and versioning is handled by Apple

We use Apple’s APIs for all Writer family apps to sync through iCloud, so all iCloud syncing and versioning is handled by Apple. That means there’s very little we can do about sync problems. However, we’re relieved to report that serious iCloud issues are now rare, and can almost always be fixed with the steps above. If this doesn’t address your problem, please contact us, and we’ll do our best to help.

¹ The requirements to see documents here are first of all that iCloud is active and using the same Apple ID. If that is the case, check whether:
iCloudDocuments & Data is turned on in the system’s settings
iCloudDocuments & DataiA Writer/iA Writer Pro is turned on in the system’s settings
Your device is connected to the internet. SettingsiA Writer/iA Writer ProUse Cellular Data must be turned on if you’re not connected to WiFi
If your device is managed by your company, they may have disabled Documents & Data syncing. In this case iCloudDocuments & Data won’t appear, and iCloud document syncing is not possible.

² Resetting all settings is not the same as resetting your device. Only basic system settings that you set in Settings.app are reset when doing this, like Wifi passwords, sound settings, wallpapers etc. All app- and service-specific settings (like mail, calendar, and Twitter accounts) remain untouched. You won’t lose any data, although we recommend backing up your device first (using the “Encrypt local backup” setting) to be safe. Encrypting the backup saves all your stored passwords.

When viewing a storage location in the File Browser, the Plus icon creates new documents in the current File Browser location. The Plus icon in the Title bar creates new documents in the same storage as the current document. See your storage options by tapping Documents (left of the Title bar) → iA Writer. If you can’t see the Title bar, swipe down on the thumb tab in the center of the keyboard bar to reveal it. This list contains:

  • Documents — either saved locally, or in iCloud (see small cloud icon on the right)
  • Dropbox (or the option to link a Dropbox account in the bottom right)
  • Recently Opened, and
  • Trash


If you are experiencing a problem that our support section doesn’t solve, please note that the more detailed your description the quicker and better we can answer. Send us a feature request or report an issue.


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