Technical Details

Feature Table

The key differences are:

Feature iOS/macOS Android Windows
New Features YES YES YES
iCloud, iOS Files YES Install
Dropbox Install YES Install
Focus Mode YES YES YES
Local images YES YES
Content Blocks YES YES YES
Night Mode YES YES YES
Syntax Highlight YES English
MS Word Export YES YES YES
Folding YES
Smart MD Tables YES
Writing Goals YES
Dynamic Outline YES
Online Collaboration YES
MS Word Import YES YES
Document Search YES
Localization E, D, J, F, E, I, C, K, R, P E, D, R E, D, J, F

OS Support

Our apps have differing operating system support, as detailed in the following tables:

Platform Version Supported OS
iOS 5.0+ iOS 10.0+
Mac 3.1+ macOS 10.11+
Android 2.0 Lollipop (5.0)+
Windows 1.0 Windows 7+, 64bit

To allow us to focus on improving Writer and adding new features, we will consider dropping support for older operating systems once the majority of customers have migrated. However, if you previously purchased iA Writer, you may still be able to download the last version that supports your operating system from the App Stores (see here for details).

Text Encoding

iA Writer saves documents as plain text files, using Unicode (UTF-8) encoding. iA Writer supports opening documents in many encodings, but a document’s encoding must generally be determined by heuristics (advanced guessing). If a document appears garbled when opened in Writer, this is generally due to an encoding problem, often from editing the document in a non-UTF-8 program such as Notepad for Windows. Learn what to do in this situation here.


URL schemes allow you to open iA Writer from other applications on both macOS and iOS, and perform specific actions on opening. For example, you can turn a text snippet into a new iA Writer document. URL schemes can also be used to change some of iA Writer’s defaults.

On iOS, these URL schemes can be leveraged with iOS12’s Shortcuts app. Here are two shortcuts we made for you. One adds text clippings from everywhere, the other clones entire articles from the Web to iA Writer.

URL schemes are currently not supported in iA Writer Classic.

iA Writer currently supports the following URL Schemes in v5.1+ using the registered URL scheme iawriter://.


Commands can be set to iA Writer by constructing special URLs:



All commands can support x-callback-url:


Some commands will return parameters on x-success.


For privacy and security, commands that modify or return data using x-callback-url require auth-token parameter. Auth token is synced across all your devices using iCloud. Auth token can be found in:

Data Types

Percent encoded. 4,000 or fewer characters before encoding.
Percent encoded.
/ refers to the default location (iCloud or local).
/Locations/From Other Apps/ is available on iOS.
/Locations/Name/ can be used to filter files from custom locations on macOS.
Use contextual menu in Library and Organizer to copy paths on macOS.
Tap and hold items in Library to copy paths on iOS.
Either true or false.

Interface Commands

Open a screen in iA Writer.

open command

Opens Editor with an existing document.

Path. Required. Path to file.
Boolean. Optional. If true, keyboard will be shown on iOS devices.
Return parameters on x-success


new command

Opens Editor with a new document.

Path. Optional. Path for the file to be created. If omitted the file will be created at the root of the default location. If the path points to a directory, the file will be automatically named. If the path points to a file, it must have a plain text file extension, or the path will be ignored. The proposed filename will be used, but adjusted to avoid overwriting an existing file.
String. Optional. File contents.
Boolean. Optional. If true, keyboard will be shown on iOS devices.
Return parameters on x-success


quick-search command

Opens Quick Search with a given query.

String. Optional.
Return parameters on x-success


Data Commands

Silently read and write data.

read command

Reads and returns files contents.

String. Required.
Path. Required. Path to the file to read.
Return parameters on x-success
Path. Path to the file.
String. File text.

write command

Creates or modifies an existing file and returns file contents.

String. Required.
Path. Required.
String. Optional.
String. Optional.
create Default. Adjusts last path component to avoid replacing an existing file.
replace Replaces an existing file.
append Appends the given text to an existing file.
String. Optional. Used only when mode is append.
beginning Append text at the beginning of a file.
end Default. Append text at the end of a file.
Boolean. Optional. Default: true. Make a paragraph out of appended text. Used only when mode is append.
Return parameters on x-success
Path. Path to the file that was created or modified.
String. File contents after writing.

version command

Returns iA Writer app version and URL scheme version.



Return parameters on x-success
String. URL scheme version.
String. App version.

Privacy Policy

Updated: 16 February 2017

This Privacy Policy is for the iA Writer software product family (“iA Writer”), focused text editors by Information Architects, Inc. To make informed decisions on what to improve, we collect some usage data for iA Writer, as detailed below.

User Content

All text files, images, and other files displayed in iA Writer’s Library (“user content”) are kept either in a local folder on a device or in a selected cloud storage. At no time is any user content sent to or obtained by Information Architects. User content stored in a cloud storage is subject to the user agreements and privacy policies of the service.

What information does iA Writer obtain?

Crash Reports: To help us begin fixing any problems right away, iA Writer will automatically send anonymous crash reports. Crash reports contain information on the crash, including device model, system version, plus the application’s version and build number.

Anonymous Statistics: We collect the following statistical data: timestamp, device model, system version, device language, plus app version, build number, feature usage, and anonymous installation identifier.

How is the information used?

In both cases, this data is collected for the sole purpose of helping us to improve iA Writer apps and does not include any personal information. No other data is collected.

Do third parties have access to this information?

As governed by their respective Privacy Policies, anonymous crash reports are symbolicated by HockeyApp, and may be shared with Apple when reporting bugs. Similarly, crash and app not responding(ANR) reports may be shared with Google when reporting bugs. They are not shared with anyone else outside Information Architects. Anonymous statistics are not shared with anyone outside Information Architects, except in aggregate.

Why does iA Writer request permission for Contacts on Android?

In order to connect to the full Google Drive API, permission for Contacts is required. iA Writer itself makes no use of these permissions, nor does Information Architects collect or store any information of this type.


This Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time. We will notify you of any changes by updating this Privacy Policy, and if the changes are significant by mentioning them in the Release Notes.

Your Consent

By using iA Writer, you are consenting to our processing of this collected data. “Processing” means using or touching the data in any way, including collecting, storing, deleting, using, combining, and disclosing data, in accordance in this Privacy Policy. All of these activities will take place in Switzerland. If you reside outside Switzerland, collected data will be transferred, processed, and stored there under Swiss privacy standards.

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding privacy and iA Writer or our practices, or if any aspect of this Privacy Policy is unclear, please contact us via email at [email protected]