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Wikilinks (iA Writer version 6.0+) make it easy to connect, browse, and rediscover your writing.

Wikilinks are enclosed in double square brackets [[link]] in Editor and shown as links in Preview. Wikilinks are exported and published as normal text, allowing you to enrich your notes with connections hidden from everyone else.

To make a wikilink, just type the opening [[ and the name of the file you would like to link. Editor automatically inserts the closing ]].

Autocomplete shows all files that match the name you typed. You can navigate an autocomplete popup with up and down arrows. Press to insert a wikilink into the document and move cursor after the closing ]]. Press to insert the wikilink and keep cursor at the end of the inserted text.

You can also select text and press the [ key twice to wrap the selection in two pairs of square brackets.

Seamlessly Integrate in Text

Use a vertical bar to add a separate title: [[destination|title]] becomes title.

Add text immediately after the closing bracket for plurals and verb forms: [[link]]s becomes links.

Library Locations

To link to a file in a different Library Location, begin the link with the Location name: [[Location: link]].
Autocomplete does this automatically when you select one of the results.


To open a wikilink in Editor use its contextual menu, + click, or . Wikilinks are directly clickable in Preview.

iA Writer remembers document navigation history, so it’s easy to go back to the previous document using the history buttons in the navigation title bar or .

How Wikilinks Work

When you open a wikilink like [[link]], iA Writer finds the nearest file that matches the given name. A file in the same folder be preferred over a file in a subfolder, and a file in a subfolder will be preferred over a file in a parent folder.

When you open a wikilink that includes a Location name like [[Location: link]], iA Writer will find a file that matches the given name, starting at the root folder of the Location. Files closer to the root folder will be preferred over files deeper in the folder structure.

Wikilinks in iA Writer are designed to find the destination file with minimum information. Autocomplete always uses the shortest unique link that will find the destination file. It will append a file extension when there is more than one text file with the same extension. It will append the parent folder name when there’s more than one file with the same name.