iA Writer for iOS

Getting Started with iA Writer for iOS

iA Writer for iOS is designed for one goal: To give the best possible writing experience on mobile devices.

In the Editor:

Tap the document body to start writing. The keyboard bar contains Quick Search, cursor keys (< and >), undo, redo and the command keyboard shortcut.

Most actions can be found by tapping the Quick Search loupe and typing your query. Type “help” to see a list of all available actions.

You can also configure the Editor’s appearance and behavior using the aA button and export or print using the share button.

Swipe down on the text to show these on iPhone, or tap the keyboard bar’s center button.

Screen Navigation

Navigate from the Library to Editor by tapping a document to open it, then show a document’s Preview by tapping > in the nav bar. Tap it again to take you back.