Getting Started with iA Writer apps for iOS

iA Writer and iA Writer Pro are universal iOS apps for focused writing. Both apps combine a relentless focus on simplicity with powerful features, including the Keyboard Bar, Focus Mode, Markdown formatting, formatted Preview and export, and exceptional support for iCloud and Dropbox. iA Writer Pro additionally includes powerful Syntax tools, Night Mode, and a simple Workflow. To get started…

When the keyboard is showing:

  • Move the caret and add language-specific punctuation with the Keyboard Bar.
  • Show the keyboard by tapping the document.
  • Turn on Focus Mode by tapping the Iris icon (Classic for iPad).
  • Access tools and statistics by swiping the Keyboard Bar thumb tab to the left. Pro only.

Hide the keyboard and show document tools by pulling down on the Keyboard Bar’s center thumb tab. For more on the Keyboard Bar, see Essential Features

An open document:

Tap the document body to start writing. (Pro: Change Read documents to a different Workflow state first.)

The Share icon contains tools and export options:

  • Pro: Share, copy, print, open in another app, or find and replace.
  • Classic: Email, copy, preview, print, or open in another app.

Change the document’s Workflow state by tapping the Workflow icon. Pro only.

Return to the Document List by tapping the List icon (Pro), pulling down when at the top of a document (Pro), or tapping the Folder icon (Classic).

In the Document List:

Open a document by tapping it.

  • Make a new document by tapping the Plus icon.
  • Delete a document by swiping it to the left.
  • Move a document by swiping it to the left (Pro) or tapping Edit (Classic).
  • See file details by tapping Edit then a document. Classic only.
  • Change the Workflow view in the Bottom Bar. Pro only.
  • Search your iCloud documents via the Magnifying Glass. Pro only.

Show the Storage List by tapping on the Cloud or Dropbox icon (Pro) or “iA Writer” (Classic) in the top left.

Storage List:

Tap a storage to see its Document List.

  • Access your Dropbox documents via Link Dropbox
  • View in-app help via Help. Pro only, for now…
  • In Classic, you can also view documents you’ve recently opened or moved to the Trash.


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