Instead of ambiguous icons or hidden gestures, iA Writer uses a Menu bar on the Library, Editor and Preview. While the menus are adapted to mobile devices, they are consistent with iA Writer for Mac, and group iA Writer’s features.

3.1.1. File

  • New creates a new document in the current folder
  • Open… lets you open files not in your Library and edit them in place
  • Import… is similar to Open, but the file is copied into iA Writer’s Library. Imported MS Word (.docx) files will be converted to Markdown.
  • Rename… lets you rename the file currently open in the editor
  • Revert To… pulls a list of previous versions from iCloud to which you can revert
  • Print… prints your document with the currently selected Preview template
  • Print Plain Text… prints your document “as is”, including any Markdown punctuation
  • Share… sends your current text straight to the body of an email, or other services such as Medium and WordPress
  • Export to Plain Text… exports a plain text version of the current document
  • Export to HTML… exports the current document as HTML, with any Markdown formatting applied
  • Export to PDF… exports a PDF of the current document, formatted using the currently selected Preview template
  • Export to Microsoft Word… exports the current document as a .docx file, with any Markdown formatting applied

3.1.2. Edit

  • Undo undoes the previous action
  • Redo reperforms an action previously undone
  • Find opens the Find bar to search the currently open document
  • Replace opens the Find bar with the Replace field already visible, to perform Find and Replace in the currently open document
  • Select All selects all text in the currently open document
  • Copy All copies all text in the currently open document to the pasteboard
  • Copy Formatted copies a formatted version of your document to the pasteboard—great for pasting into an email!
  • Copy HTML copies the exported HTML of the currently open document to the pasteboard

3.1.3. View

Night Mode

Changes iA Writer’s color scheme for writing any time, day or night.

Text Statistics

Shows a small bar with word count and reading time statistics at the top of the open document.

Focus Mode

Dim everything but the current sentence, to help you stay in the flow and avoid the temptation to edit.

Typewriter Mode

Keep the caret in the middle of the screen as you write.

Syntax Control

A powerful feature to help you focus and gain deeper insight into your text. Highlight a relevant part of speech:

  • Show Adjectives
  • Show Adverbs
  • Show Conjugations
  • Show Verbs
  • Show Nouns

Use this to improve your writing style, by checking for unnecessary adjectives, weak verbs, etc. when editing. The following languages are supported: English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

3.1.4. Templates

iA Writer includes several templates with which to Preview and Export your text. Tap the Templates menu to change:

  • Modern (Sans) uses Nitti Grotesk, designed by Pieter van Rosmalen at Bold Monday
  • Classic (Serif) uses Tiempos Text, designed by Kris Sowersby of Klim Foundry
  • Manuscript (Mono) uses monospaced Nitti, also from Pieter van Rosmalen at Bold Monday

3.1.5. Export

Tap Export in the Preview (or File in the Editor) and select the desired format:

  • Export to Plain Text
  • Export to HTML
  • Export to PDF
  • Export to Microsoft Word

HTML, PDF, and Microsoft Word convert Markdown into formatting. In addition, PDF will format the document using the currently selected Preview template. After choosing any of these options, you can:

  • Attach the exported file to an email
  • Save it to iCloud Drive in the iA Writer folder
  • Tap “Open in…” to open the file in another application

3.1.6. Settings

Tap the button at the top-left of the Library to modify settings for iA Writer.


  • Sort files by Date Modified, Alphabetically, or by Extension
  • “Pin” folders to the top of the Library’s document list
  • Display the file extensions of documents in the Library
  • Show an excerpt of your document’s text in the Library


  • Regular Markdown requires two returns to create a new paragraph. iA Writer lets you do it with one
  • If you are using MultiMarkdown metadata, you can disable it from being shown in the preview


  • Choose between centered or left-justified headings in the templates
  • Choose to indent new paragraphs or separate them with an empty line

Third-Party Services

  • Add/Remove your account
  • Add/Remove your WordPress account
  • Add/Remove your Dropbox account


  • Include headers or footers in your printed documents and exported PDFs


  • Open these help files
  • Visit our support pages online
  • Contact us via Twitter

Tap the menu at the top center of the Library to change the currently displayed folder (iCloud by default). In addition, you can sort files by Date Modified, Alphabetically, or by Extension.

The menu title shows the cloud storage or folder you are viewing. Each folder level is also added to this menu so you can quickly jump back several levels.

3.1.8. New

This menu offers the ability to create a new document or folder within the folder currently displayed in the Library.