Getting Started with iA Writer for Mac

iA Writer for Mac is designed for focused writing. Some of the powerful features included that let you keep your mind in the text are…

Focus Mode

Focus Mode dims everything but the current sentence, helping you stay in the flow, get words out, and avoid the temptation to edit. Together with Full Screen it gives you laser focus. Once you start typing, all chrome fades away — move the pointer over hidden chrome to make it reappear.

You can turn Focus Mode on or off through the menu or the Toolbar.

  • Select the menu ViewFocus Mode.
  • Alternatively, change the Bottom Toolbar to Focus and then click Sentence.

Syntax Control

Syntax Control improves upon Focus Mode by helping you to gain insight into your text’s grammatical structure, and concentrate — one sentence at a time — for optimum productivity. Syntax Control dims everything but the chosen syntax (Adjectives, Nouns, Adverbs, Verbs, Prepositions, or Conjunctions) for English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish text. This gives you deep insight into how your writing is constructed: focus on the syntax to control your writing style.

Toggle Syntax Control

  • Select the desired part of speech in the Focus menu
  • Click the desired part of speech in the Syntax Toolbar

Night Mode

iA Writer includes an inverted “light on dark” mode, perfect for writing at night.

Turn on Night Mode

In iA Writer 3, select the menu ViewNight Mode.

Turn off Night Mode

In iA Writer 3, select the menu ViewDay Mode.

You can also independently invert the color of the Preview via the menu: ViewTemplateInvert Colors.

Reading Time

iA Writer for Mac shows you word and character counts for your document, at the bottom of the window. iA Writer also includes Reading Time — an indication of how long the average reader would take to read the text.

Main Shortcuts

Function Shortcut
Preview ⌘R
Library ⌘E
Night Mode ⌃⌘N
Full Screen ⌃⌘F
Find ⌘F
Replace ⌥⌘F
Copy HTML ⌥⌘C
In-app help ⌘?