Release Notes

We’re constantly working to improve iA Writer. Here’s a breakdown on what we’ve added to each release.

01. Version 4.0.3

  • Defined CSS files as to be processed as code
  • Fixed an issue where preview scroll bar could be invisible with some templates
  • Fixed Strikethough menu item functionality
  • Switched to system popup menu indicators
  • Improved performance and stability

02. Version 5.0.2

  • Fixed an issue with autosaves failing in some contexts
  • Fixed crashes

03. Version 4.0.1

  • Added Touch Bar support in Editor
  • Added CSV delimiter detection
  • Added caption support for source code content blocks
  • Enabled SVG image content blocks
  • Set up Markdown export to use default extension
  • Switched to fixed width numbers in tables in standard templates

04. Version 4.0

Embed Local Images

  • Include images from Library in your documents (.png, .gif, .jpg)
  • Images are uploaded to Medium and WordPress when sharing a draft

Embed Tables

  • Include comma separated value files as tables in your documents (.csv)
  • Create advanced tables using MultiMarkdown

Embed other text files

  • Build a manuscript from several chapters
  • Embedded source code files are added as code blocks
  • Nest text files into each other

Note: Embedding only works for files in the same folder (or subfolders) as the master file. You can’t embed files in a parallel or higher directory.

Other Improvements

  • Modified Preview and Library pane behavior so both can be shown
  • Swipes on the left toggle Library
  • Swipes on the right toggle Preview
  • Added toggle button for Focus Mode in title bar
  • Focus Mode now dismisses Preview and Library panes
  • UI improvements to Library
  • Added file info popover in Library
  • Switched right-click in Library menu item from “New Folder with Selection” to “New Folder” (hold option for “New Folder with Selection”)
  • Added Project Archive export for sharing all embedded files together (.zip)
  • Changed Chinese font in editor to Ping Fang
  • Improved external file change handling
  • Caret position is now restored when returning from full-width Preview
  • Performance optimizations and improvements

05. Version 3.2.2

Added WordPress Site Picker

WordPress users with more than one site can now choose where to share.

Choose Sort Order in Library

  • Newest or Oldest on Top for Date Modified
  • A–Z or Z-A for file Name and Kind
  • Access in View > Sort Files By, Right Click in Library > Sort By

06. Version 3.2

Custom Templates

  • Preview, create PDFs, and print documents in your own style
  • Templates are web pages. Use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to lay out your documents
  • Add templates in Preferences
  • Download more templates from iA Writer’s Web Site
  • Learn more about templates in Help

Page Breaks

  • Add page breaks to printed documents and PDFs
  • Insert with +++ on an empty line
  • Format > Add Page Break

Title Pages

  • Print and export PDFs with a title page
  • Default templates show document name and author on the title page
  • Set the author in Preferences

Other Improvements

  • Added option to change default file extension in Preferences
  • Fixed an issue where attempts to change file file extension via title bar popover could fail
  • Fixed an issue where tables were not inserted in new documents
  • Updated to MultiMarkdown 5.3
  • Adjusted drag and drop in Library to follow system conventions
    — Drag to move
    — Drag while holding Option to copy

07. Version 3.1.4

Share to WordPress

  • Add your account in Preferences
  • Create drafts on your WordPress site with File > Share > New Draft on WordPress

Other Improvements

  • Added a preference for default document action: New or New in Library
  • Added a toggle for last used Syntax Control
  • Excluded links from reading time and text statistics
  • Improved automatic name generation
  • Updated to MultiMarkdown 5.2

08. Version 3.1.3

Focus Mode for Paragraphs

  • Focus Mode can be expanded to the bounds of full paragraphs
  • Accessed via Preferences > Editor > Focus Mode

Your Table is Ready

  • Click the Table button in the toolbar and set the desired number of rows and columns
  • The required Markdown for the table is created for you instantly

Other Improvements and Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where documents did not refresh when changed by some text editors and third-party sync services
  • Added an option to hide text snippets in Library
  • Stopped showing non-text files in iCloud Library
  • Improved H6 alignment at the beginning of a page
  • Fixed an issue which prevented Smart Delete from working
  • Fixed an issue where toolbar could remain visible when typing
  • Smart Quotes no longer convert primes to curly quotes in code blocks

09. Version 3.1.2

Support for MultiMarkdown’s Table of Contents

  • Add {{TОC}} to your documents to have a table of contents generated in Preview
  • TOC button in the Format Toolbar adds this for you
  • An entry is made for each heading in the document
  • Click a TOC entry to jump to that section of the document

Added File → Open Quickly ⇧⌘O

  • Blazing-fast, it searches through your Library
  • Use arrow keys to navigate results
  • return to open document in a new window
  • ⇧return to open document in the current window
  • ⌘return to show in Finder

Search supports advanced syntax

  • Search for specific terms by quoting "search query"
  • Match the first word of name or text using ^word
  • Use set operators AND, OR, and NOT
  • Search for names or texts that contain a specific word with name:notes or text:"book"
  • See the full description and examples in Help

Changed default shortcuts for structure actions

  • Old shortcuts are still available for compatibility with other text editors
  • Shift Right tab
  • Shift Left ⇧tab
  • Move Line Down ⌘⌥↓
  • Move Line Up ⌘⌥↑

Improved URL scheme support

  • iawriter://new and iawriter://new-in-library
  • Both support an optional text parameter iawriter://new?text=

Other Improvements

  • Search results are now sorted by relevancy
  • Added commands to insert a table of contents tag into the document
  • Improved code block detection
  • Added “Replace All” to Find bar
  • Added “New” action to Dock
  • Improved heading appearance in Japanese


  • Set up new windows to use last visible state of library and preview
  • Fixed a delay when opening a new window
  • Improved text editing performance
  • Improved stability

010. Version 3.1.1


  • - [x] Click tasks to mark as completed
  • Improved search in Japanese
  • Added text actions in “Format” → “Structure”
    • Shift Left ⌘[
    • Shift Right ⌘]
    • Move Line Up ⌥⌘[
    • Move Line Down ⌥⌘]
  • Improved transition to full size preview
  • Improved automatic name generation
  • Added text size to Editor preferences.
  • Preview toolbar uses matching colors
  • Added “Show in Library” action in Search
  • Added options to print header and footer separately
  • Added proper title capitalization in “Edit” > “Transformations”
  • Added progress indicator for background export and sharing operations
  • Upgraded to MultiMarkdown 5.0.1
  • Prevented spell checking in code
  • Return preserves the amount of leading whitespace


  • Fixed an issue where search was not working for non-Latin scripts
  • Improved performance and stability
  • Various smaller bug fixes

011. Version 3.1


  • Any folder can be added as a location in the Library
  • Export drafts to
  • Localization for Japanese and German
  • Templates:
    • Choose indentation or vertical spacing for paragraphs
    • Choose centered or left-justified headings
  • Header and footer are optional on print/PDF export
  • Preferences dialog (⌘,)
  • New windows use last size
  • Preview uses last width
  • Default extension uses last extension change


  • Fixed crashes

012. Version 3.0

Document Library

  • Swipe left or Command+E to show/hide
  • ViewSort by to arrange documents in browser
  • Dropbox Sync (link through storage button at bottom-left)
  • Click file/folder names to rename
  • Swipe left to go back a folder level (or use title menu)
  • Move documents with click and drag
  • Show/Hide file extensions

The Editor

  • Typewriter Mode (⌘T)
  • Toolbar can switch between Format, Syntax, and Stats
  • Smart Paste eliminates doubled list markers when pasting

Integrated Preview

  • Swipe right or Command+R to show/hide
  • Multiple typographical options for preview, PDF export, and print
  • Synchronous Preview scrolling

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