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Markdown Video Guide

Check out the videos here to learn—in no time at all—how easy Markdown can be.


Using simple punctuation to format your text, iA Writer lets you keep your hands on the keyboard so you can just write.

After learning a few special characters, you can structure your document while maintaining an uninterrupted flow.

We show you how easy it is to get started above. For the Jedi Master tricks, check out some of the other videos in this section or have a look at the text version of our Markdown Guide.

Adding Tables

Tables in Markdown? Are you kidding? We are dead serious. iA Writer manages to simplify one of the harder things in Markdown. Adding a Markdown table doesn’t require major hacker skills anymore.

Making Markdown tables on a smart phone is really hard. It’s not a walk in the park now, but it is easier than it looks.

Hold the I key in the keyboard bar to reveal the Table shortcut. You can move it to the default row if you plan to use it regularly. Here is an easy video tutorial on how to configure your keyboard:

We suggest that you do work on tables with live preview open in parallel so you see directly what happens. Try it.

Adding links in iA Writer is almost as easy as copy paste:

[iA Writer Tips and Tricks](

Now that you know how to add links, adding images is a piece of cake.


To add images from the Web in markdown, is almost as easy as adding links. First, just… link to them:

[Link Text](

…then, to embed the image, just add an exclamation mark before the link:

![Link Text](

You can observe the effect by checking the preview panel. The video shows how it works with iA Writer for Android, which is, in case you haven’t heard, a free app.

Code Blocks

Nothing easier than that. Just add a tab before the code block. You can observe live how Markdown works by opening the preview panel.