An idea is not some pink cloud that looks like a bunny. The Greek word “Eidos” originally meant “form, shape”, and that is what a real idea is.

A good idea doesn’t suggest: “Wouldn’t it be cool if cars could fly?”; a good idea tells you how to make cars fly. An idea without a clear understanding of what it needs to become real is a fantasy. Will without action is wish. An idea is worth as much as its realizability. Does that mean an idea is worth nothing until it is realized?

A designer without ideas is a vain technician; a business man without business ideas is a bureaucrat. A marketer without ideas is a sleazy joker. Businesses are based on business ideas and communication services live from interactive ideas. The more realizable the idea, the more its worth. Can we measure the worth of an idea? No.

Ideas are based on other ideas. The question is: What do you do with your source? Do you develop it into something new? Do you make it clearer, simpler, do you add value and make it into something of your own or do you just rip it off?