We now have over 75 million websites we can go to, but still we only visit six of them regularly, as we just learned from a study recently made public by Directgov. Their findings make us think of a new phase of the Internet.

The media has already found a loud word for it. They call it the “supersite phenomenon”. Half of internet-users within the UK (51 per cent) consider to visit six or less sites regularly.

We are now using the Internet with more focus, visiting few sites that are relevant to us. Those sites have the status of “supersites” due to their relevance to our daily life.

The recently published research data suggests that if we use only one banking, travel, shopping information and a single holiday site we are able to keep our life well-managed.

So what? you might ask. I have two conclusions for you:

  1. In order to be successful with your super cool portal you are planning to build, you will have to ask yourself: Does my website qualify as a “supersite”? Does it appeal to a basic need? Does it qualify as one among six pages your target group considers his daily info food?
  2. Even though it says world wide web, for most of us, the Internet is a small place.