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iA is a strategic design agency. We help corporations achieve their business goals by optimizing the production, flow, and clarity of communication.

Burlingame, designed by Monotype’s Carl Crossgrove, features open forms and highly distinguishable shapes to aid legibility in environments such as in-vehicle displays. iA designed and implemented the microsite accompanying the font launch.

A beverage manufacturer running his own space program? That would be Red Bull then. In 2013 and 2014, iA retouched Red Bull’s exciting B2B content pool.

Supertext’s 450 selected copywriters, writers, translators and editors create some of Switzerland’s finest copy. We designed their new website.

The list of our official projects since 2005 shows how we have evolved over time. Project List


Putting Thought Into Things

To get a good perspective on our clients and their users, we start our projects with research. We go mobile first because it naturally gives prioritization, and we want all the content first so we can design in the browser. The process is so clear in conference speeches and weblog posts that it is already More


iA is a strategic design agency with offices in Tokyo and Zurich. For questions regarding our apps, please visit iAWriter.com. If you are interested in our services, please use our contact form.

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