iA Writer

The New York Times calls it “clever”, the Guardian finds it “beautiful and simple.” It earned Apple’s Best of App Store awards in 2011/12/14 and 15. Fast Company even claimed that we had “out-innovated Apple.” To us, iA Writer is the simple plain text editor we always wanted.

After five years of development, iA Writer works and syncs live to iOS, Mac and Android. It comes with its own live Markdown rendering & preview, iCloud & Dropbox live sync, Document Library, natural language Syntax Highlight, HTML-Export, Medium and WordPress integration, Focus Mode and many other nice things like Night Mode, Word Import/Export or Reading Time. Most recently, we added Custom Templates.

The new iA Writer 4 offers the ability to include images, tables, and texts as blocks of content in plain-text documents. It’s a simple, straight-forward way to embed content in your text.

In spite of its growing modularity, iA Writer never was about the number of features. A clean and simple writing environment that treats text as text and makes writing delightful—this is what iA Writer was made for. If you have detailed questions about our features, please see our support for help, tips, and troubleshooting.


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