We're here to help. The support section of iA Writer covers general questions and dives into specifics about the latest version of iOS, Mac, Windows, and Android apps.

Common Questions

Prior to sending us a support request, please check if your question has been answered already in the relevant support category. This helps us answer all queries that much faster.

Emerging Issues

Emerging issues our team is aware of and how to mitigate them:

iOS 14+ and iA Writer Classic (2.1.6)

Users who've updated iOS devices to iOS 14 may experience crashes or inability to open iA Writer Classic (2.1.6).

Please follow instructions here before attempting to delete/reinstall the app! Failure to properly save documents prior to deleting the app may result in data loss!

Android 12 x Google Play Store

Customers on Android 12 can experience errors installing or updating iA Writer from the Google Play Store.

We are working on a fix and expect that once it passes the necessary testing and Play Store approval process, our app will once again become available to Android 12 users.

If you would like to be contacted when this update becomes available, please email us using the link below and we'll be in touch.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Notify Me Please

Syntax Highlighting on macOS Monterey

Some customers have reported that after updating to macOS Montery, Syntax Highlighting can stop functioning. If you have encountered this behavior, please contact us for troubleshooting advice.

Can't Find/Contact Us

We take a break on the weekends (JST), but during weekdays we aim to reply within 1-2 business days. If you are experiencing a problem that our support section doesn’t solve please reach out to us!

Email Support


Please note that the more detailed your description the quicker and better we can answer. At a minimum please include:

  1. Device/Platform(s) in use
  2. Steps already attempted to resolve issue
  3. iA Writer version
How to find your version

iOS: Settings app → iA Writer → Version Number

macOS: iA Writer (menu) → About iA Writer

Windows: Help (menu) → About

Android: Android Settings → Apps → iA Writer → scroll to display version at bottom of list

Feature Requests

We love to hear from our fans and are always considering ways to improve the iA Writer experience. If there's a particular feature you'd like to see please let us know by email here: Feature Request

It will help if you include the following:

  1. Feature
  2. Platform(s)
  3. Use case (if relevant)

We cannot promise any feature request making it to production. We cannot provide timelines on features that are not yet in beta. We do read each and every request sent. We'll typically amalgamate and acknowledge feature requests on a monthly basis. Please be patient. For urgent matters please reach out via our support email.