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Modify the Preview

In Writer for Mac, you have different options to change the rendering of Preview: its size, fonts or even background color.

Full-screen or Half-screen

Preview can appear as half of the screen side-by-side with the Editor or in full screen.

At full width, you can hide the Editor completely for an ideal reading environment, while half-width is often used by writers who want to keep track of the formatting as they go.

You can resize the Preview:

Toolbar options

Web & PDF modes

You can choose between Web or PDF view.

You have more formatting options available for PDF via SettingsTemplates.

In the Web view, you can invert the colors to mark the difference between the Editor and Preview. If the Editor is in light mode, Preview will appear in dark mode and vice versa.

Fonts & Layout

Finally, you can modify the font and layout of the document in the Preview thanks to the Templates:

Preview determines what Export will look like. In the case of PDF, the currently selected typography in the Preview will be used.

A little extra…

If you are familiar with web development, you surely know the inspector tool lets you see parts of the code rendered by the page, such as HTML and CSS.

You can enable the Web Inspector tool in the Preview, in case you wanted to know what’s your document like, under the hood.

Web Inspector Tool

To enable Web Inspector in Preview, paste the following command into Terminal: defaults write pro.writer.mac WebKitDeveloperExtras -bool true


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Modify the Preview

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