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At iA Writer, we develop native apps for different platforms, recognizing that each platform has its unique strengths. This approach allows us to explore new ideas and experiment with features tailored to each platform’s capabilities.


The table provides an overview of feature availability in the Editor across different platforms. It shows that various features, such as Focus Mode, Local Images, Content Blocks, Dark Mode, Syntax Highlight, Style Check, and Wikilinks, are supported on multiple platforms.

iOS iPadOS Mac Android Windows
Focus Mode
Local images
Content Blocks
Dark Mode
Syntax Highlight
Style Check
Dynamic Outline
Smart MD Tables Calculation Formatting
Writing Goals

Language Support

The table shows language support in iA Writer across platforms, including menus & UI, spelling/autocorrect/grammar, syntax highlight, and style check. Language availability varies across iOS, iPadOS, Mac, Android, and Windows versions.

Language Support
iOS iPadOS Mac Android Windows
Menus & UI En De Jp Fr Es It Ru Cn Kr Pt En De Pt En De Jp Fr Es
Spelling, Autocorrect and Grammar System-Based* System-Based Hunspell: En(US) De Fr It Es**
Syntax Highlight En De Fr It Es Ru En
Style Check En De Fr En De Fr En De Fr
  *Presence of 3rd party spelling and grammar tools/ plugins (i.e. Antidote, Grammarly) may impair functionality of system options.
  **More languages available by adding Hunspell dictionaries.


All apps include the ability to work in a local (on-device) folder as well as support for cloud connectivity.

iOS iPadOS Mac Android Windows
Google Drive

N.B.: iOS 13+ limitations restrict addition of Library locations to apps/file storage providers that support full folder sharing.

Live/Real-time Preview

You can always be sure how your text will be formatted by launching Preview. This updates in real time allowing for instant feedback.

Live/Real-time Preview
iOS iPadOS Mac Android Windows
HTML Preview
PDF Preview
Equation Rendering


Sharing your work is important too! iA Writer includes a number of export options for this. Our powerful MS Word import allows you to convert .doc and .docx to Markdown.

iOS iPadOS Mac Android Windows
MS Word Export (.docx)
MS Word Import
iA Fonts
Custom Templates


Share your writing with the world. iA Writer allows you to post drafts to the most popular blogging services.

iOS iPadOS Mac Android Windows


In addition to the major features, iA Writer supports the following:

iOS iPadOS Mac Android Windows
Global Document Search
URL Commands
PIN Protection
Hunspell Dictionary

Current OS Support

We provide varying levels of support for different operating systems across our apps. To ensure that your device’s operating system meets the minimum requirements to enjoy the full functionality of our apps, please refer to the table below for the specific platform versions and supported OS versions.

Platform Version Supported OS
iOS & iPadOS 5.0+ 15.0+
macOS 3.1+ macOS 10.15+
Android 2.0.1+ Oreo (8.0)+
Windows 1.0+ Windows 7+, 64bit

Future OS Support

To allow us to focus on improving Writer and adding new features, we will consider dropping support for older operating systems once the majority of customers have migrated.

Previous Versions

If you previously purchased iA Writer, you may still be able to download the last version that supports your operating system.

iA Writer for Mac & iA Writer for iOS

For Mac or iOS licenses, you can always re-download past purchases from the Purchased section of the appropriate App Store. You must be signed in with the same Apple ID in the same country/region as the initial purchase. On Mac, you need to ensure iA Writer is installed on no more than 5 other Macs.

iA Writer for Android

You can access previously purchased/downloaded apps in the Google Play Store by navigating to My apps & games → Library. Please ensure that you are signed in with the same account as was used at time of purchase.

iA Writer for Windows

It is not possible to re-download non-current versions. The most current version is always available here: iA Writer for Windows


Core Components

A quick tour of the interface of Writer for first time users.

Markdown Guide

Apply basic formatting by adding a few punctuation characters.


An overview of our features on different platforms.


A wide range of options to fit the various use cases, professional and personal needs.


Supported languages for the localization, spell-check, Syntax Highlight and Style Check, per platform.

Writer vs Word

What are the advantages of a focused writing app like iA Writer compared to Microsoft's WYSIWYG classic?

Writing Tips

Six rules for better writing, a rundown on how to use parts of speech, lectures on style, and the elements of style.