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Syntax Highlight

iA Writer for Mac includes iA’s signature Syntax Highlighting feature.

Highlighting syntax provides you with a more structured view of your document and can help you spot typos and improve your writing style. We have grouped a collection of blogposts on that matter, you can find more tips on this category: How to Write.

Enable Syntax Highlight

On Mac you can enable Syntax Highlight in one of four ways:

Preferences pane Preferences → Editor → Syntax: Enable All | Last Used
Focus menu FocusShow Syntax
Editor Select Focus dropdown
Keyboard shortcut D

You can specify which parts of speech are highlighted by selecting/deselecting options found in Preferences, Menu and Focus dropdowns.

For example in the Focus dropdown shown below you can see Nouns and Verbs are selected:

In the text both parts are clearly identified by the corresponding colour:

Syntax Highlight also works well in conjunction with Focus Mode allowing you to see your structure down to sentence-level:


Syntax Highlight leverages system-level libraries and is available for documents/text in the following languages:

En De Fr Es It Ru

Working With Syntax Highlight

There is no right or wrong way to work with the feature enabled. Different writers all have different needs and workflows. Since Syntax Highlight can be quickly toggled using D you can easily switch from working with Syntax Hightlight to not.

Importantly, Syntax Highlight does not make any changes to your content and you’ll never see the parts of speech highlighted in Preview, printed or exported documents…

If you are not familiar with iA Writer yet, you can check out Style Check, a similar feature to Syntax Highlight providing you suggestions to improve your text.



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