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Backups and Recovery

On iA Writer for Mac, when editing a document, you can always go back to a previous version with two powerful functions: Revert to and iCloud Backup & Recovery.

Revert To

To revert to a previously saved version of a file, simply select the File menu → Revert To, then select if you want Last Opened/Previous Save or to Browse All Versions…
Last Opened/Previous Save
Reverts the document to the last opened version or the previously saved version of the file.
Browse All Versions…
Opens a new window where you can select from a list of previously archived versions. (Requires iCloud to be enabled for iA Writer) You can use the arrows to navigate through the list (1), or select the desired date from the timeline (2), then press Restore to revert your document to this state.

Cloud Backup & Recovery

iA Writer for Mac includes native support for iCloud Drive. Above and beyond the benefits of having documents synced across devices, users gain the additional security of online recovery tools provided in iCloud. Deleted iCloud documents/files can be restored for up to 30 days following deletion from the Library. Depending on how the document was deleted, you may be able to recover this in either of two ways:
  1. iCloud’s Restore Files (Data Recovery)
  2. iCloud Drive’s Recently Deleted folder

iCloud’s Restore Files (Account Settings)

  1. Log into icloud.com (from desktop browser)
  2. Click on Data Recovery
  3. Click on Restore Files
  4. Select desired files from list then click Restore

iCloud Drive’s Recently Deleted folder

iA Writer 6.0 and above adds support for iCloud Drive’s Recently Deleted function. Files deleted within the app are sent to the Recently Deleted folder. To recover these files:
  1. Log into icloud.com (from desktop browser)
  2. Click on Drive icon
  3. Click on Recently Deleted
  4. Select desired files/folders then click Recover
For the most up to date instructions on using iCloud recovery, please see the following Apple resource.

Other Cloud Storage locations

Many cloud storage providers (including Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive) preserve multiple versions and backups of your documents for up to 30 days. We recommend logging into your cloud storage provider’s web console, then search for Trash or other recovery options.


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Backups and Recovery

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