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Write it

iA Presenter’s text interface puts the focus on the story, saving time and nerves.

What’s the story?

In Presenter you just start by writing. Turbostart: paste what you already have.

Come as you are: Start by writing down what you want to say. Paste your mails, chats, notes, tweets… With iA Presenter’s text based editor, you can start with any existing piece of writing. Copy and paste. You’ve saved the time and avoided the pain of starting a presentation.

Knives out: Cut your story into slides. You can add and remove breaks later, too. iA Presenter lets you split and join slides without rethinking your whole deckset. Just write — or hit return three times to create a slide break. If you want to make two slides into one, just delete the slide break.

Show it

Once you know what to say, think about what you want to show.


Use text and images to attract attention and give orientation.

Keep’em separated: Regular text is only visible to you. Headlines go on the slide. The process has a clear starting point, flow, and direction. Start with your idea, then structure it and dress it up. Fine-tune every aspect of your speech as you rehearse and learn it by heart.

Drop it like it’s hot: Drag and drop or copy-paste your images. Presenter takes care of the design. Images, videos, layouts, tables and templates are all available when we need them. It comes with an image library that gives you a separate overview of the visual assets you use.

Paint it

Fine-tune the design with a few clicks. Adjust fonts, colors, layout in the end. Presenter automatically picks the right layout for your visuals and adapts it for different devices.

Have you seen her dressed in gold?

A new type of presentation design that dynamically creates a scale of background colors.

True Colors: Presenter layouts are colorful, dynamic and carefully set. You can pick between the standard templates or create your own design with a few clicks. Font, colors, header, footer, etc are all very easy to customize. The default template changes background color as you progress.

Everything you ever wanted: Presenter layouts are dynamic. They smoothly adapt to your device. Presenter templates are responsive. They automatically adapt to the screen resolution. So no more pinching in and out when you look at a presentation on the phone.

Rock it

Don’t sweat it. It’s impossible to forget what you want to say. After the presentation, export your story as a readable handout.


Take it easy. Once you’ve created your presentation, Presenter continues to help you along both during and after your performance.

Everything you ever wanted: A safety net. Just in case. You probably won’t need it because you had enough time to practice. This is our evolution of the speaker notes screen. We call it the Speaker’s View, an experience more akin to a teleprompter with bold, clear dialogue cues. A safety net that gives you the confidence to deliver an unforgettable presentation.

Encore: The show is over. Give out your presentation as an easy to read text document. Since the meat and bones of your presentation is in what you say, you can export it as a simple text document. iA Presenter ends the quirky six slides on 20 A4 papers and puts everything back into a simple, easy to read and follow text with pictures.


iA Presenter’s text-based interface cuts creation time to a minimum. The design engine automatically adjusts the design of your slides to your phone, PC or projector aspect ratios. Presenting is fun like karaoke.

Don’t believe the hype

How well does it perform in practice?

“It’s amazing how presentation software is still so complicated compared to text editors. This is a big step in the right direction, if not the solution itself.” –⁠Anna Filou

“I’m absolutely blown away by your beta! It’s better than I could have ever imagined. From the color changing throughout the presentation, how easy, fast, and intuitive it is to create wonderful presentations, to the great 2 window presentation-view. Also, the top-notch design!” –⁠Rasmus Hermann Peters

“I just want to say thank you for an amazing piece of software. I normally use Keynote for slide presentations. I am a teacher and putting together slides is usually fairly time-consuming. But since I do work with markdown files, and having the ability to import a markdown file and easily convert it into slides has been a game changer. It is quicker and easy to use. The various styles work well for me.” –⁠Michael d’Offay

“I find the tool incredibly efficient, and it allows me to prepare a presentation on the fly. This is truly a new way to approach presentations. I’m currently exporting my Keynote, PowerPoint, and Google Slide presentations as PDF and using the PDF in iA Presenter. Any ideas when we will be able to purchase version 1? ” –⁠Raul Rios

“Thanks for sharing this idea with me. The app is fantastic, I was looking for that kind app. The app is easy to use and user-friendly. Right off the bat you want to create something. Great idea.” –⁠Andrzej Stasiak

“Been using since early beta – seriously if you’re going to get one presentation tool this is it. Amazing.” –⁠Donna Murdoch

“iA Presenter is absolutely incredible. A presentation design app that teaches you how to present? That handles the layout for you? It is the most inspired software thing I’ve touched since iA Writer.” –⁠Christian Alden Jacobs

“It’s easy to use, and easy to learn. I love the way I can just “write a talk,” and the script just happens. It’s wonderful. And during the presentation, it was easy to follow.” –⁠Upma Singh

“Just got my weekly report done in under 10 mins with @iAPresenter. All I needed to do was copy my research log into the app and make adjustments to make them presentable. Wonderful!” –⁠Doppio

“As a professor who is continually reviewing new reading material for my courses, iA Presenter is an amazing time saver and thought organizer. My detailed marked up notes can very easily be turned into slides with hidden lecture notes with citations. I can then decide whether to share the notes with students or just the slides, or both as a pdf or web page. I’m excited to try the new powerpoint export soon. To be clear, I hate powerpoint as an authoring tool. iA Presenter’s export options are amazing. Do your notes the way you like, then easily export slides and/or lecture notes to whatever pdf-friendly Learning Management system you and your students are forced to use.” –⁠Hyla  Willis

“I feel like you all really GET design. It’s simple, beautiful, but content-first.” –⁠Shani Rashid

“I know you don’t want this feedback… But IA Presenter is even better than I thought! It was a long time ago since I found software that resonated with me as much as IA Presenter. It is simply stunning, and it makes me directly want to start writing stories. I promise to get back with some more actionable feedback – but I just wanted to say that it is love at first sight. Thank you for this – you’re brilliant!” –⁠Erik Näslund

“I think the basic idea of iA Presenter—separating what one wants to say from what one wants to show—is just brilliant.” –⁠Tim Ludwig

“You broke the mold with iA Writer (I was a very early adopter) and you’ve done it again with iA Presenter. It’s fantastic. –⁠Gareth Smith

“The product itself is a text based editor using markdown to understand each part of your copy. You can start with any writing you have, organize it in paragraphs, and it creates slides from that. Not only it’s quick and easy, but the end result is extremely nice. You can lay it out in columns, add pictures and your own style, and no one will be able to tell the difference.” –⁠Nuria Quero

“This is unbelievable — exactly what I’ve needed, bouncing between Keynote and Impress.js over the last few years. I can’t wait to migrate my presentations into iA Presenter and build more of them over time.” –⁠Adam Pantanowitz

“I’m totally on board with the paradigm shift you propose. As a designer, I hate having to design slides manually instead of a generative template. As an educator, I find it awkward having to start with the visual layout instead of the story. The app truly helped me to focus on the script and forget about individual slides.” –⁠Selçuk Balamir

“Yesterday, I spent 6h on two presentations for my designer mentee, and I would most definitely spent minimally 10h by switching modes of writing, editing assets and wrapping that content into slides. You rock! It’s just so wonderful this product exists!” –⁠Ivan Čiš

“Especially for students who like to get lost in details or still have difficulties with freer forms of presentation, the iA Presenter may be an alternative in the learning process in the future. The app is also well suited for the quick development of simple presentations or the visualization of read texts.” –⁠Christian Vanell

“I’m also a working professor on the Beta, and using iA Presenter (while reporting a bug here and there) has changed the way I think about slides and handouts. And I’ve cut my preparation time in half.” –⁠John Holland

“I’ve enjoyed using iA Presenter so far. I’ve found it really easy to get started. It’s been a bit of a mindset change to write all of the presentation text and then deciding what to surface; but I think it works well. I occasionally struggle with the software; as I have opinions about how images should layout with text — and it doesn’t always turn out as I expect. But overall I think it helps me focus on organizing my thoughts into a presentation faster than other solutions! I really enjoy the ease of adding images to the presentation.” –⁠Jessica ‘jynnie’ Tang

“I am an event organizer and a volunteer at TEDxTorino. iA presenter is the most beautiful and reorganizing thing that has happened to me in recent years. Thank you for the wonderful design behind the product” –⁠Pierpaolo Alessio

“iA Presenter offers a beautiful design philosophy and user experience for creating impactful presentations. I appreciate how this software places a strong emphasis on writing and takes care of a lot of design work for you in a Zen-like fashion. As an urban planner, I value the efficiency with which I can create great presentations.” –⁠Jade Shain

“I didn’t appreciate how revolutionary your approach was until I read the opening paragraphs in your intro deck. What a tremendous insight, so obvious, yet nobody thought to do it.” –⁠Shahid Ahmad

“I feel like I’ve just experienced a glimpse into what the future looks like in this whole space thanks to iA Presenter. I want to thank you very much for putting in the effort to create it and I’m very excited to purchase it when it reaches 1.0. I’m going to use the hell out of it. It’s a true game changer.” –⁠Cyrus Lopez

“Since getting the app, I have used it nearly every day. It fits very well with my sort of content creation (I’m teacher in higher education).” –⁠Heidi Paavilainen

“Congratulations on the launch of such an exceptional tool! I’ve always found creating presentations to be quite a task. It typically involves starting with the needs for each slide, followed by a time-consuming search for the right images and graphics. This often translates into hours spent on designing the presentation. This tool is a game-changer. All I have to do is jot down my needs, and voila! My presentation is ready almost instantly. This is nothing short of amazing. I look forward to seeing the positive impact this tool will have on our work. Once again, congratulations on this fantastic launch!” –⁠Shital Gohil

“Wow. Couldn’t stop playing with it – how long has it been since that happened to me upon installing a new app? A really new paradigm for presentation. Already I am thinking about using iA Presenter for a public talk I’ll have to give in 10 days time. ” –⁠Andreas Busch

“I’ve been using iA Presenter for some presentations in the last few months and I’m quite impressed. The theme control has been great, I really love the concept of iA Presenter.” -⁠Alessandra Fasoli

“Great app, just what I’ve been wanting for so long! Instant purchase once it’s out.” –⁠Arturo Goicochea

“Presenter looks like exactly what I was looking for. It’s just amazing, easy to use and beautiful in the resulting presentation. ” –⁠Stefan Gliesche

“Yet another great designed product from iA :)” –⁠Fabio Sirna

“Used Presenter for our board meeting last week. Was lovely and smooth. Felt much more confident and the autocue-like notes are a subtle shift but made a big difference to my stress levels. Take my money!!!” –⁠Stephen Hawkes

“Then I’ll keep it short. It looks like someone took the time to (re)think how digital presenting should be, and it shows. I’d happily use this (next to iA Writer). The fundamentals feel right and the interface is intuitive. I can see a future in which I only keep Keynote to be compatible with those who create ‘legacy presentations’.” –⁠Charilaos Mulder

“iA Presenter can’t fix the other major issues with presentations (wrong adaptor or broken video chat), but they’ve fixed the rest. With their theming tool launched, I started copying over my job’s in-house style to make it easier to avoid Google Slides altogether. If you like writing more than aligning disparate elements, iA Presenter is the tool to use.” –⁠Brook Shelley

“I am impressed with the app! The demotion of slide visuals to second-class citizen is powerful. It was fun to create a presentation because I did not spend time worrying about bullet-point styles and color schemes. I focused on the information I wanted to convey. I have not felt relief like this since first opening iA Writer.” -⁠Steve Emhof

“It helps me to focus the things what I really want to say. Also, the theme design can help me to create a beautiful ppt without lots of work.” –⁠Teabyii

“iA Presenter i such a great and helpful companion in my daily work as an educator.” –⁠Håkan Karlsson

“Such a great app! It is always a true pleasure to use an opinionated “not for all” software!” –⁠Eugene Kaznacheev

“I think what you’re building is amazing. I would definitely recommend this to my friends, and especially those who are involved in teaching. I remember one of my favorite teachers using Beamer for the presentations and the handoffs being 200-pages PDF files with the figures but not the speech. I bet that if he had Presenter 8 years it would have been easier for us as his students.” –⁠Enrique Araujo

“Using the incredible ease of #Markdown and its implementation by @iAPresenter for my courses now. Super fast slides, all the content (for the PDFs), but non of the clutter in the slides. Fantastic software!” –⁠Joachim K. Rennstich

“First thought: this is a game changer in terms of how I will write my presentations from now on. Or it is the tool I always wanted but … Powerpoint. Of course you know. So I am excited and can’t wait to use it (just like iA Writer I guess)” –⁠Sven Ehmann

“Im sitting here, in my office and thinking for last hour what just happened. I’m confused. At first I thought that Presenter is totally unnecessary – what kind of problems it’s solves? We already have Keynote (and PowerPoint, but, you know…). Then I downloaded few examples and everything started to be clear. It’s so great idea, markdown and presentation, two windows, one for my audience, one just for me. It’s so great.” –⁠Michał Żelazny

“What a brilliant idea this is. As a writer, it’s a joy, I shall be pressing it on everyone I meet.”–⁠Mandy Wheeler

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