Stephen Fry on Writer

October 22, 2010

“Stephen Fry, what are your four iPad apps you can’t live without?” Guess what: IMDB, Instapaper, Soundhound, and Writer. Fry: “Astonishingly simple. Everything goes away except for the writing experience.”

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  3. Augusten Burroughs on Writer
  4. Stephen Fry on Writer
  5. Enthusiasm: Twitter on Writer
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Stephen Fry is not alone. Writer gets the highest praise from almost everybody that has used it, because “smart focused apps win”:

  • “Most useful and remarkably clever — invisibly so — device for writing.” A. Burroughs
  • “The best app on my iPad” Erik Spiekermann
  • “The Perfect iPad Writing App” Gizmodo
  • “Brings that hyperfocused aesthetic to word-processing.” WIRED
  • “If you like writing, see the excellent Writer from @iA… (If you don’t like writing, this may change your mind.)” Liz Danzico
  • “An intriguing app.” Khoi Vinh
  • “As good as everyone is saying.”Simon Collison
  • “It’s truly awesome.” Vitor Lourenço
  • “A beautifully crafted application for the iPad. If you write, buy it.” Mark Boulton
  • “I knew Writer was going to be perfection in every way.” Beautiful Pixels
  • “Excellent work. Writing just got better.” Aza Raskin
  • “…one of my favorite apps on my iPad” Antonio Carusone
  • “It’s nice.” Hoefler+Frere-Jones
  • “An excellent example of the kind of user interfaces that are possible if someone puts their mind to it.” Smoking Apples
  • “It’s not often you find a piece of software that shows as much intelligence, taste, simplicity and utility as Writer.” Joel Friedlander

You can get Writer for iPad and iPhone at the App Store



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