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iA Writer 6: Now with Lasers

– In 2010, the original iA Writer introduced focused writing with Markdown. Twelve years later, iA Writer opens the doors to a simple and friendly knowledge management system with wikilinks.

After all, everyone is distracted once in a while

– These days we all fight to stay focused. People with ADHD are specialists on the matter. We asked you to share your experiences with iA Writer. Answers revolved around the topics of distractions and the ability to focus, which are key concerns of the attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Let's see how iA Writer helps you tackle the challenges of writing as explained by users with ADHD. Their insights can help us all.

Style Check on Android

– After its launch on Mac and iOS last summer and its recent introduction to Windows, Style Check has arrived on Android with version 2.1 of iA Writer. It has been one of our best received and most requested features, therefore we worked hard to make it available for all platforms.

An ADHD-friendly Writing App

– There is a ton of specialist advice out there regarding writing for high school and university students with ADHD. Most of these suggest a distraction-free writing environment that allows for channeling one's energy into the task at hand.

Style Check on Windows, Big Sur Support, and Next Steps for Android

– iA Writer for Windows 1.4 is now available and it brings Style Check in a free update. We launched Style Check on Mac and iOS this past summer and we have never received so much praise for a new feature. You sent us request after request to bring it to other platforms. We doubled our efforts to bring it to other platforms as soon as possible. It's ready for Windows as of today. We are working on bringing it to Android next.

The Power of Style Check

– Style Check is like having a personal editor-in-chief on your device, carefully reviewing your text for redundancies, clichés and filler words as you type. It's simple, different, powerful, and available for Mac, iOS, Windows and Android.

Syntax Control, Individual Scroll, Snippets

– iA Writer for Windows 1.3 is the biggest update the platform has ever seen. It's available to download right now and comes as a free update for existing users.

New PDF Preview, Better Web Publishing, Improved Editing

– iA Writer 5.5 for Mac and iOS has arrived. The update adds a powerful mix of functionality and delicate subtlety that will improve your writing workflow.

MacStories App Of The Year and Custom Backup

– 2019 was a good year for iA Writer. Sales were good, reviews were good and in the end we got rewarded for our work with the App of the year prize from MacStories.

PDF Preview, New Typography, Preferences

– You've waited patiently for it, and now it is here. Version 1.2 of iA Writer for Windows has launched. This release packs in a boatload of improvements, making it the biggest update to hit the platform since the initial release.

Multi-window, Dark Mode, Content Block Flexibility

– iA Writer 5.3 is ready for iOS13. It now comes with multi-window support, Dark Mode, and Content Block improvements.

New File Library for Windows

– iA Writer for Windows came out one year ago. We launched version 2 and called it 1.1. It comes with a cleaner UI, sweeter typography, tighter templates, better word export, and a powerful file library. At first sight, it just looks like we've closed a gap to its older sibling, the Mac app. But there is a subtle twist

Word and GitHub

– iA Writer 5.2 offers premium Microsoft Word export for markdown and lays the ground for a great iOS GitHub synchronization.

Writing Fonts: A Typographic Christmas

– The next update of iA Writer does some extreme typographic acrobacy. It comes with three variable fonts which give us 1000s of grades. This allows us to adjust the weight of the font depending on size, device and background color. Additionally, we adjust the line height and spacing depending on column width and type size. The crazy part is that you probably won't see any of this. But you might feel it.

Eight Languages Wrapped in Wallpaper

– Both iA Writer for Mac and iOS are localized in English, German, Japanese, Chinese, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. For this update, we've decided to add a little present: 17 beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, mobile phone, or tablets.

A New Document Library

– iA Writer for Mac, version 5.0, is now available for download in the Mac App Store. It comes with a brand new document library, and apart from English, German and Japanese, it now also speaks French, Spanish, Chinese, Italian and Portuguese.

Mac with Tabs

– This update to iA Writer brings support for tabs in macOS High Sierra. Version 4.2 also comes with a subtle UI polish in typography and transitions, all in preparation for the big 5.0 upgrade.

iOS: Backups for Dropbox, Google Drive and Co.

– iA Writer 5.0.5 for iOS introduces a fail-safe backup system for any documents opened from other applications. This means if you’ve opened a file from Dropbox, Google Drive or any other storage provider, everything you write in iA Writer is preserved—no matter what.

Kickstarted: iA Writer for Windows

– iA Writer for Windows has been a long time coming. Ever since we first launched iA Writer for Mac you have asked, “Will you make a Windows version?” After over two Million downloads on iOS, Mac and Android, we’re excited to bring iA Writer to the world’s largest desktop platform. And to fulfill the vision we have for this app, we’ve just launched our first-ever Kickstarter campaign.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

– In 2017, we gave you a major iOS rewrite, the complete redesign of Android and a new type of writing font. 2018 is going to be a big year for iA Writer. There is an upcoming update of the Mac library and a backup solution for iOS is under construction. Next, we’ll add a Windows version, web collaboration and a physical product to the family. What? When? How?

95% Keyboard: iA Writer 5

– 10 months in the making, we built iA Writer 5 following three specific goals. Through the 10 months of iterations, training our focus on these objectives has kept us on track. So what did we choose as our guiding principles?

Files in iOS11

– This fall Apple brought us iOS11 and with it new features. A lot of you have asked about the new Files app integration in iA Writer 5. Here is a short look at what you can expect.

iA Writer for Android Oreo

– The new iA Writer for Android now works on 42,000 different phones and tablets. Different brands, different resolutions, different processors, screens… Here is how it looks.

iA Writer 5 for iPad: Sneak Peek

– You may have already seen our sneak peek of iA Writer 5 on iPhone. For those of you with iPads, you may be wondering what the tablet experience will be like. This is what you can expect.

iA Writer 5 for iPhone: Sneak Peek

– iA Writer 5 will be released on iOS shortly. You asked for more focus on the writing, so we directed our attention on the keyboard, the heart of your writing experience.

iA Writer 5: Forging the Hammer

– Last week we explained how we believe that technology evolves from raw to complex to simple and how this relates to iA Writer. In order to simplify it even more, we asked how you see iA Writer in future—and what and how you’d expect to pay for it. To a handful of questions we received a warm wave of response from you. You all agreed on on thing: Let's keep it simple.

iA Writer 5: From Raw to Cooked to Sushi

– Technology evolves from raw to complex to simple. From the fist to the hand axe to the hammer. From carts to the Model T to Tesla. From switchboard-operated phones to digital phones to smartphones. From SMS to Facebook to Messenger. From the crude to the cooked to Sushi.

iA Writer 4

– We’ve been hard at work producing the next major update to iA Writer, and we’re happy to announce its arrival. iA Writer 4 adds a whole new dimension to how you can work with your documents. We’re excited—and a little nervous—to unveil how this all works…

iA Writer Video Tutorials

– To help you get the most out of iA Writer, we’ve created several videos. Here you can find tips and tricks which make producing beautiful content easy as pie.

iA Writer Comes in Colors

– In 2013, iA Writer introduced Syntax Control: syntactic highlighting as an editing feature. We kept it minimal: only one part of speech at a time, in blue. With version 3.1, iA Writer breaks out of its minimalist straitjacket. Syntax Control now highlights parts of speech in blue, yellow, orange, purple and green. She’s a rainbow.

iA Writer 3

– Five years ago this month we released iA Writer for iPad. We built apps for Mac, iPhone, Android, and a whole new iA Writer Pro branch. People who use iA Writer enjoy the experience of writing with it, they love its purity. We released iA Writer 3, the third generation of our writing machine, as a free upgrade to iA Writer Pro.

Starting Out On Android

– In the summer of 2014, we started dabbling with the Android SDK to get a feeling of what it would mean to develop an Android adaptation of iA Writer. We discovered a dev-friendly world with scant traces of the Android horror stories we had in the backs of our minds.

Introducing iA Writer Pro

– After four years and over 1 million downloads of iA Writer, we’ve introduced something new. iA Writer Pro is a writing suite that boldly goes where no other writing app has gone before.


– iA WriterはMacネイティブアプリにおいて、初めてレスポンシブデザインを取り入れたテキストエディターです。しかしなぜ実現までこんなに時間が掛かったのでしょうか?

Bringing Responsiveness to Apps

– iA Writer for Mac is the first native text editor that uses a responsive design. Why did it take so long?

“400,000 downloads with a super simple app” (Business Insider)

– The following Interview on iA Writer and the secret of its success has appeared in Business Insider, who reached out to us, “to get the story on where his app came from, where it's heading, and what's wrong with contemporary text editors.”

Introducing iCloud

– We have just updated iA Writer for Mac, iPhone and iPad. We have been working hard to make them compatible with upcoming Mountain Lion and iCloud features. What’s new?

On Prices and Features

– It's been two weeks since the launch of Writer for Mac and it went off like a rocket. We sold almost 5,000 copies in two weeks. Of course, version 1.0 had some birth defects (1.01 is out now), but the feedback was overwhelmingly positive—with the exception of a few complaints, mostly about the absence of features, and the price.

iA Writer for Mac

– A better tool doesn’t make a better craftsman, but a good tool makes working a pleasure. iA Writer for Mac is a digital writing tool that makes sure that all your concentration goes into the text instead of the program.

Stephen Fry on iA Writer

– When asked which four iPad apps he couldn't live without Stephen Fry replied: IMDB, Instapaper, Soundhound, and Writer. “Astonishingly simple. Everything goes away except for the writing experience.”

A. Burroughs on iA Writer

– I wasn’t expecting this. In three weeks, we’ve sold over 13,000 apps and every day we seem to climb up another rung in the App Store. While selling apps makes the product feel real and secures future development, the biggest personal satisfaction comes from the feedback our app gets from professional writers.

Writer for iPad

– “Writer has out-innovated Apple. Writer is actively designed to help you write.” —Fast Company