Combined with a killer outline

iA Writer for Windows came out one year ago. We launched version 2 and called it 1.1. It comes with a cleaner UI, sweeter typography, tighter templates, better word export, and…

…a very powerful file library. At first sight, it just looks like we’ve closed a gap to its older sibling, the Mac app. But there is a subtle twist:

  • The active library element turns into an outline
  • It shows you where you are in the document
  • It indents titles hierarchically
  • You can click on the titles in the outline and jump directly to that place inside the document

The outline has proven to be a killer feature for long, complex documents. It came out two weeks ago and if you haven’t you should try it out.

The only complaint we have gotten is that it is not out on all other platforms. The answer to this is “patience, please…”

After iA Writer for Mac and iOS have gotten tags and better typography last winter, we are now working on a new templating system, that we will roll out across all platforms. More on that soon. Please make sure you sign up for the iA Writer newsletter to stay up to date.