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Web Trend Map 4: Preview

Published on in Information Architects

While the first map was hacked together in an afternoon, the second took a week, and the third devoured a month of concentrated work, the fourth Web Trend Map (due in February) has already taken more time in preparation than all previous versions combined. In light of the risk of over-stretching the concept, featuring too much data, ruining a simple idea, we decided to throw everything out the window and start completely from scratch.

Web Trendmap 2009

Not convinced of the new design? Well, that’s not quite it… We won’t spill the beans just yet on how it’s going to work and how it’s really going to look, but following is a list of the data we’ll be using. We’d like to discuss with you what networks, websites, and trend setters should be on the Web Trend Map this year to avoid being too dictatorial. Here are some of our current suggestions for the sites and people that we think should be featured:

Please feel free to comment on the above list, or to suggest any websites or personalities you feel should be featured. Don’t ask us to feature your personal blog or your start-up project just because you think it’s cool. Criteria are: Either it has high relevancy in terms of traffic or it has the potential to grow into a top winner (or loser—you need to fly high to fall deep) in 2009.