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The Nice Place

– It seems the times of free online advertising for indies are over. Blogs are not what they used to be, RSS is about to be buried. Facebook is a commercial and moral nightmare, and so is Facebook's Instagram. On Twitter, our main marketing channel since 2007, our engagement is sinking year after year. On Google, VC powered startups steal our ad positions, and we're all too old for Snapchat or TikTok. So what can you do in 2019 to get the word out?

«Die Spannung zwischen Nutzbarkeit und Ästhetik» (Webmagazin)

– Interview von Christoph Ebert für Webmagazin anlässlich der MobileTech Conference in München.

Keio University

– One se­mes­ter on “Law and So­ci­ety, Tech­nol­ogy and Power” at Keio Uni­ver­sity, taught by iA Founder Oliver Re­ichen­stein and Pro­fes­sor Catha­rina Maracke.

“Nichts war geplant” (Persönlich)

– Herr Reichenstein, kürzlich hat Facebook für die unglaubliche Summe von 1 Milliarde US Dollar das kleine Unternehmen Instagram geschluckt. Werden die Information Architects bald von Microsoft geschluckt? “Nichts war geplant” (Persönlich)

Form and Information

– Here is the lecture iA's Oliver Reichenstein gave in 2010 at Keio University on creativity, information, and innovation.

Can Information be Architected?

– A presentation with the title "iA on IA," held at EuroIA 2010.

“Web design is engineering” (Jonny Holland)

– Jeron van Geel interviewed Oliver Reichenstein on Jonny Holland. He asked a series of questions about the relationship between Philosophy, Design, Japan and Western culture.

Cosmic 140—Art for Geeks

– Our latest Web Trend Map tells the story of Twitter and its 140 most influential Twitter users. Surprisingly, it’s even more popular than Web Trend Map 4.

«Gibt es die perfekte Webseite?» (Design Made In Germany)

– Interview von Ulrike Daraghma und Pascal Jeschke für Design Made in Germany. DMIG «wollte wissen, ob es die perfekte Webseite gibt, ob Online-Nachrichten-Magazine eine Zukunft haben» und wie wir uns «die Zukunft von Text generell vorstellen.»

Meet C140, Our Next Trend Map

– It’s one year since our last Web Trend Map. A lot has happened, but there are not enough changes in the landscape of domains in the last 12 months to create another domain-based Web Trend Map. The big changes happened one level higher, on the social layer, that is: On Twitter and Facebook.

Reuters, NYT und iA im Gespräch

– Am diesjährigen Media2010 Event in Sydney wurden Marc Frons (CTO, New York Times), Nic Fulton (Thomson Reuters) and Oliver Reichenstein über die Zukunft der Nachrichtenindustrie befragt. Die beiden Hauptfragen lauteten…

API for News? Reuters, NYT & iA Inc.

– Last week at Media2010, Marc Frons (Chief Technology Officer, Digital Operations, New York Times), Nic Fulton (Chief Scientist, Thomson Reuters), and I were asked several questions on the future of news…

Web Trend Map Video Interview

– I sat down with the video team of GaijinPot for a short interview about the Web Trend Map.

Web Trend Map 4: Coolest Gift For Geeks

– It hangs in the headquarters of Google, Microsoft, Facebook, WordPress, and Yahoo! Japan. Even the CERN in Geneva has its own copy. The WTM4 poster has caused quite a stir.

Kill Blog Comments?

– Blog comments have an innate communication problem: You can't discuss and moderate the discussion at the same time.

Web Trend Map 4: Preview

– While the first map was hacked together in an afternoon, the second took a week, and the third devoured a month of concentrated work, the fourth Web Trend Map (due in February) has already taken more time in preparation than all previous versions combined.


– この度、今まで皆さまにお伝えしたくても出来ずウズウズしていた重大ニュースを、ここに発表させていただける運びとなりました。ひとつめは、特大プロジェクトの完了の件、二つ目はチューリヒに第2の拠点開設のご報告です。

iA eröffnet Schweizer Niederlassung

– "Kuck mal, da versteht jemand etwas vom Internet", war unser erster Gedanke, als wir vor etwas mehr als eineinhalb Jahren die Web Trend Map von Information Architects Tokyo entdeckt haben.

iA Opens Second Office in Switzerland

– We had to be unusually secretive about the following developments. But now, we can finally lift the curtain. First, the big news project is finished. Second, we have opened a second office in Zürich, Switzerland.

2008年度版 Web Trend Map

– 2008年度版 Web Trend Map がとうとうリリースとなりました。おかげ様ですでに、The Guardian, WIRED, Le Monde, Corriere, kottke, Boingboing, Techcrunch, Mashable, Valleywag、そして数え切れないくらい多くの方のブログで取り上げていただいております。

Web Trend Map 3

– We are happy to announce that the coolest gift for geeks, the A0 poster of the 2008 Web Trend Map, as featured by The Guardian, WIRED, Le Monde, Corriere, kottke, Boingboing, Techcrunch, Mashable, Valleywag and literally thousands of blogs.

Build a Plane and Fly to Sicily

– Since Mondays are typically low energy days, I’d like to share this story with, to reassure you: If you have a strong vision—no one can stop you.