2023 marked a significant chapter for iA Inc. The iA family grew from a single app to three distinct products: iA Writer, iA Presenter, and iA Notebook.

A new way to create and hold presentations, a new way to write on paper, a new way to deal with AI and a new way to get the word out. This was 2023 for us.

1. iA Presenter

Just this week, we introduced the beta version of iA Presenter for iPad and iPhone. We look forward to working with you to polish it. We already have over 2,000 testers that applied, but you’re welcome to join the wait list.



iA Presenter launched on June 1st. We are not sharing sales data, but to give you an idea, the iA Presenter newsletter has grown to 50,000 subscribers in six months.

To our surprise, many of our early adopters are teachers, professors and educators. Presenter cuts their preparation time in half. It allows them to focus on what they want to say–instead of tweaking the design to no end.

Big thanks to everyone who helped make Presenter what it is today. Your feedback and encouragement have played a significant role in the success of our launch. We have more surprises for you in the coming months…



2. Our Response to AI

On November 30th, 2022, OpenAI introduced ChatGPT. Throughout the year, we took a step back and worked intensely with AI tools to test them. Meanwhile, we observed a fervent rush from everyone to hastily integrate AI bots into their apps. We decided to do the opposite. Exactly one year later we delivered our response:



If you’re interested in our journey, we explained it in three widely shared blog posts:

  1. No Feature explains why we resisted implementing ChatGPT like everyone else did.
  2. Writing With AI evaluates how LLMs should be used for text production.
  3. iA Writer 7‘s launch post explains our take in detail.

We carefully prepared for this release, making sure that there would be no misunderstandings. Our efforts paid off. You understood and loved the update. A lot you reached out to tell us that this update should have been paid. Some even asked how to repurchase iA Writer as a token of appreciation. iA Writer 7 is offered as a free update. You can support us by leaving a review in the app stores.

Thanks to all of you, we’ve been busy responding to your App Store reviews this December!

Authorship is currently available for Mac, iPhone, and iPad. This year we brought bug fixes and performance improvements to iA Writer for Android and Windows.

We’re currently working on iA Writer for Windows 2.0 which will feature a completely revamped UI. This version will be released in the first half of next year.

3. Unveiling the iA Notebook

Taking most of you by surprise, this Christmas we issued a pre-launch of our first-ever analog product: iAノートブック, the Notebook for Writers.

In the iA Notebook, every element is crafted to minimize distractions and enhance the joy of writing. Our goal was to extend the immersive experience of our app. Watermark lines guide your pen. As your words come into focus, the lines fade into the background.

iAノートブック, made with love in Japan

“It’s impossible” Watermark lines. They are noticeable when holding the paper against the light. After ten iterations, the Swiss paper makers and bookbinders stopped answering our emails.

“We have to try harder” Making waterlines work required a lot of testing and optimization. We went through over 100 prototypes and 20 test prints with our binder in Japan.



Ten years in the making, after a long line of prototypes with Swiss and Japanese paper makers, we arrived at a final version. We will officially launch next year. The Notebook is the outcome of a close collaboration with our bookbinder in Tokyo, showcasing the great skill and patience of Japanese craftsmanship.

We didn’t expect the attention iA Notebook would generate. We’re on the brink of closing in on 10,000 registrations. The next step is streamlining production and logistics. We can’t wait to ship those packages to you.

4. The End of Commercial Social Media

It’s been a good year, filled with big new releases and insightful conversations. As Twitter crashed, we completely changed our social media communication. As you may have noticed, we dropped Twitter and now get the word out through our newsletters.

As an independent company we have an strong affinity for Mastodon. The tone, the climate and the structure fits us perfectly. No ads, no algorithm, no clickbait, no privacy issues, no Billionaires and no extremists. We will continue to post our daily insights on design and technology there.

We also share product updates on YouTube and LinkedIn. Our main channel for product updates is now our Newsletter where you get exclusive content and news before official releases.

See you next Year

Looking ahead to 2024–the year of the dragon–we will spit a lot of fire. As we take a break until January 3rd, we wish you all a very Happy New Year and are looking forward to sharing more designs, thoughts and excitement with you in 2024.