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Web Trend Map 4: Coolest Gift For Geeks

Published on in Design

It hangs in the headquarters of Google, Microsoft, Facebook, WordPress, and Yahoo! Japan. Even the CERN in Geneva has its own copy…

It has been featured all across the web from TechCrunch to BoingBoing, and Gawker.

The Web Trend Map plots the Internet’s leading names and domains onto the Tokyo Metro map. Domains and personalities are carefully selected through dialog with map enthusiasts, and every domain is evaluated based on traffic, revenue, and character.

Web Trend Map 4

We grouped together closely associated websites, ensuring that every domain is on an appropriate line. As a result, the map produces a web of associations: some provocative, some curious, others ironically accurate.

Web Trend Map 4 being printed

The map has been printed by the same printer that prints Apple’s ads in Japan, so you can be sure it’s handled by the best.

Web Trend Map 4 color check

Web Trend Map 4 detail

Sold out! Sorry, the Web Trend Map 4 is no longer available.